This little thing called ♥LIFE♥

I find myself overwhelmed with how much I want to accomplish and how little time I have to do it all. Recently my new "overwhelming moments" come from trying like crazy to be super wife. I'm still working on cooking and it's quite the slow learning process! I spend everyday trying to make sure my husband is a happy man with a full belly. But I have found that super wife is a lot of work. I hope I get there someday...

I have had so many thoughts on what all I want to do with our lives before settling down and starting our family. One thing that we're just dying to do, is backpacking through Europe. I want to see the German, Swiss, Italian and French Alps, I want to see the lush countryside of Germany, I want to bungy jump from a gandola in the swiss alps, I want to lay out on the beach, walk through a vineyard in Italy, walk along glacier lakes in France, see the ifle tower in Paris... 14 days of traveling Europe with the love of my life, that's what I want to do! Examples of things on our upcoming "to do" list are: buy our first home together, go on at least one more exotic cruise, save money and buy some four wheelers...

{SIGH} The future is now. I'm so excited and motivated for life right now, we have to much to do!

On another note, we had a fantastic 4th of July! Our weekend was packed with fireworks, swimming, bbq's, watermelon, campfires, s'mores, good friends...everything you need to be happy!

I'm sad the 4th is over, that means Summer is getting close to winding down. It always goes too fast!

I sure love my life though! We are so blessed!!!

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