A puzzle piece for LIFE

Isn't it fantastic when you hit those moments of life where everything is falling into place for you? It's like the feeling you get when you're looking for the right puzzle piece, and after a long search you find it. (Which is a silly analogy for me, because I hate puzzles!) I love those moments. I have them a lot, actually. I've always been blessed, I have so many great things and it's easy to forget the hard times when I have so many good times to drown them out! I think God hands us puzzle pieces as we go. I think He's handed me a few lately!

If you haven't heard, Dan and I bought a home. Everything has worked out so well for us, so much that I'm just convinced it was meant to be! (Please don't jinx myself by saying that!!) When we were looking at houses and pulled up to this beauty, I instantly fell in love. Just the outside alone is perfect! The style, the colors, the pillars and porch...L-O-V-E! Within a week we had closed the deal at a price that is affordable for us. Our financing was all preapproved, so we are working on paperwork now and should be in within the next month!

The house is in a nice neighborhood in Nibley. It's newly built and brand new, we are it's first tenants! Here is our gorgous new home:

I'm so excited to move in. I'm so excited for Jace to have such a beautiful home to grow up in. I'm so excited to sit on our patio with my my cute little family on summer nights, while Rockie runs around in the yard, drinking orange julius' and watching Jace giggle and smile at us. I'm so excited to have bbq's and get togethers. I'm so excited to have a brand new fridge with french doors and a pull out freezer! I'm so excited to have a home to call our own!

Although finding our home is fantastic and exciting, this isn't the only puzzle piece I've found lately. I'd say it all started falling into place once our sweet little Jace came into the world. Where his arrival surprised us and pregnancy was soooo long, that whole 9 months was pretty surreal. Once he actually came into the world, once they layed him in my arms for the first time and he was instantly calmed by the voice of mommy and daddy, that was when my life changed and I became a whole new person with a whole new happiness for life.

When I found out I was pregnant I just kept thinking how I had wanted so badly to have a fun, newlywed life. Being pregnant made me feel lazy and tired and, of course, fat. It was quite an experience to have through your first year of being married! But now that Jace is here with us, I can't even imagine life without him. He is the sweetest, cutest, best thing that has ever happened to us and we love him like crazy!! Then going back to work added to my happiness as everything continued to fall into place. And now buying a home. We are just so blessed!

I've been so happy and motivated lately, so much that I came up with a list of things I want to do during my life. These aren't all of the things, of course, but just a few...

♥ Get married to the love of my life - check
♥ Have two kids - one down!
♥ Buy a home together - check
♥ Go on another cruise - scheduled for next winter
♥ Go backpacking through Europe
♥ Teach Jace to rock climb
♥ Write a book
♥Become a pilates instructor
♥ Buy four wheelers
♥ Go bungee jumping with Dan
♥ Run a half marathon
♥ Have a piano in our house
♥ Catch air on a wakeboard
♥ Go to Italy
♥ Finish my nursing degree
♥ Be a great cook so my kids like my food
♥ Buy a camper for all our camping trips
♥ Get back to a size 4 after having our last child and stay there
♥ Have a closet full of shoes
♥ Get a white german shepherd to keep Rockie company

There are many more things, but these will keep me busy for a while! I'm going to slowly check off this list, you watch. It will all happen! Some things from my "deeper" list of life:

♥ More patience

♥ Be true to myself and what I believe in, even if it isn't accepted

♥ Have courage

♥ Serve others

♥ Kindess

♥ Pray more

♥ Don't be so competitive

♥ Live a happy life for me, not for anyone else

There you go. Let me leave you with some pictures of the cutest boy in the world. I take most of my photos via my cell phone lately, so I apologize they aren't great quality!

Don't his smiles just make you smile?? He is the happiest boy. And I am the luckiest girl.

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  1. Beautiful house! we have that same baseball outfit he has on in the last pic. So cute!