What I'm lovin this week.


Anything gold. But especially this Lux Gold watch from Windsor. Who cares if I wear it everyday?

Pepperoncinis. I can't even tell you how much I love these this week. I crave them everyday.

Yep, I still wear my fingerless convertible gloves. Are these totally out of style? Don't care, they are perfect for me. I can whip off the top of my gloves and text whenever I need to!

BURLESQUE. How many times can I watch this before I'm sick of it? This explains why I get up on the kitchen counters and dance. Oh what the neighbors must think! We are still lacking blinds in some of the windows...

Meditation. Since incorporating this into my life this week, I have found the ability to breathe myself through road rage, a crying baby, rude patients at work, and the occasional frustrating husband moments. I have found patience I never knew I had. And life has become more...slow. Everything is slowing down and I am in tune with my inner self. Cheesy, yeah, but true. It's amazing!

Happy Friday everyone!

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