Bank teller: So, how do you like this instant winner?

Me: (clueless) What?

Bank teller: What do you think of this instant winner we have goin on?

Me: (Thinking I'm about to win something) Uh,...I didn't know about it....

{awkward pause}

Bank teller: Well, it's just a lot of snow out there...

OH, instant WINTER! How about articulating those "t's" a little better, mr. banker sir??

This instant WINTER sucks. Now being an instant winner, that would be pretty cool...


  1. Hahaha, that's so funny. I was telling someone at work today that since we got a January spring I guess we're getting a winter March.

    And, yes, I have heard of Dharma actually. :) My boyfriend is Buddhist so I'm learning all about it. I knew almost nothing before. Meghan, we should hang out.

  2. MANETTE-we really should hang out!! I just went to message you on facebook, but I forgot you aren't there right now...haha. So let's plan something, yeah?