Five Things.


One - Bath time, everynight at 7:00. This is my very favorite time of the day. I sit next to the tub and read a magazine while my J man splashes and giggles and plays with his bath toys. Then I get to make us both smell like baby lotion, which is the best. And then we get to cuddle and read. Nothing better you guys...nothing.

Two - Tis the season for Cadbury Creme Eggs! Husband bought a bunch and hid them in random places throughout the house, so everyday I find one. Thus this picture of a cadbury creme egg peeking out of my peep-toed shoes. Best Easter egg hunt EVER!

Three - Happy Endings, my new favorite show. (Well, favorite is relative...there are too many good tv shows to be addicted to these days.) Every Wednesday following Modern Family. HILarious! I love anything that makes me laugh.

Four - My stiletto booties. Just lovely.

Five - Cream rose studs. Yes, I wear them everyday.

To be honest, this week has been extremley long. Work was so stressful and frustrating, not to mention husband had side jobs and was gone every night. It would have been easy to get down and discouraged, but coming up with this "five things I loved this week" is a good way to see the good and forget the bad! Try it, I dare you.

And the reeaalllyy good news? It's finally the weekend! I hope to be soakin up some vitamin D from the sun that is gloriously melting away all this awful snow. And going to my favorite instructor's Zumba class tomorrow morning will sure be a good way to dance off my stress! Not to mention I get my boys all to myself all weekend long.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Happy Friday!


  1. Yep I'm gonna have to get me some rosebud studs.

    Also, I'm thinking I'm gonna go get my nails shelac'd tomorrow! If you wanna come with me text me!!

  2. How cute is your hubby to hide cadbury eggs around the house. Lucky girl you are :D I love to read your blog :D

  3. I love reading about your five things each week! Miss you!

  4. I love Cadberry eggs too! ... also the Resses peanut butter eggs! :)