Starting him young.

Daddyand mee
Swim face
Floating on shoulder floats
On his back he floats
Smiles and swims
Water can
Brace face
Dunkin 1
Wet face
swimming with the ball
D and J swim
Swimmin on tummy
Sometimes, being a mother is embarrassing. Case in point: it's your first son's first swim lesson, and you walk around the kiddie pool laughing, clapping, shouting "Good Job!!", and snapping a picture every 3 seconds. And then you drive home while he munches on crackers and you and the spouse talk about all the funny and proud moments at the lesson. Then you stop by grandma's house and show her all the pictures. Then you stop by other grandma's house and show them all the pictures. And then you get home and download said pictures (over 80 of them...), and the whole time you are looking at them you are laughing and glowing with pride. And then you take all morning editing a few of the pictures to publish on the internet and brag to all of your friends. One day this kid is going to be so humiliated by me I tell ya.
But in all seriousness, I haven't laughed that hard in a loonngg time. And that's not cruel like you think, because overall my little dude had a blast. So it wasn't total punishment! The faces he made while preparing to plunge in the water were hilarious, and I just couldn't help but laugh. And laugh, and laugh. I might just love this being a mom thing wayyy too much!
So two more weeks of swim lessons, and little guy will be up on the wakeboard with daddy in no time! Which will be another round of laughing and clapping and taking way too many's a vicious cycle.

On a totally unrelated side note, my fortune cookie at lunch today told me (and I quote),
Can you believe it, Summer ends in a couple months?! I am so excited for this full contentment thing! Since my fortunes always come true, I will let you know how that goes. I sure had full contentment after a large helping of orange chicken and chow mein. De-lish!

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  1. Meg you crack me up, LOVE YA GIRL. Looks like he is turning into quite the little fish :D