Birthdays are just the best!

Texas Roadhouse Saddle

{riding the famous birthday saddle at good ol' texas roadhouse!}

Hello friends! I just wanted to drop a quick note. You see, today was my birthday, and oh my goodness was it the best! My day went as follows...

Wake up to presents in bed first thing in the morning. A new cheese slicer, some cookie cooling racks (which I have been in dire need of!), and a perfectly romantic card full of cash to go shopping with.
Out to a big breakfast.
Home for lunch.
Off to get pampered at the hair salon.
Dinner at texas roadhouse. (thanks pops!)
And I might add that my birthday celebration actually started last night at midnight with a pint of cookie dough ice cream that husband surprised me with! The best I tell ya.

I have the life you guys! And really, do I have the best husband picking skills or what?!

Well the thing is, tomorrow morning I am leaving bright and early, off to a radiology conference for the weekend. And yes, I might be sneaking some more birthday shopping in there. Not to mention eating junk food and watching chick flicks at the hotel. So don't feel sorry for me! Thus, I will post a delayed "7 days worth of pictures" later this weekend. Sunday, to be exact. And by golly, get ready for a great picture overload! I have some real keepers!

Have a great weekend ya'all!

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