Because sometimes I am irrational...

I know I seem all tough and strong (ha!), but just so you know, that's not the case. See, I'm actually afraid of some things. Like spiders. I would play with a snake or a lizard, or even a mouse! any day, but an itty-bitty spider comes crawling by my feet and I'm standing on the couch screaming like a little girl! Really, what is it about those creepy crawly little things that can cause an adult woman to lose all rational thinking and act like a child?? It's embarrassing, really.

And if that's not bad, I have a good friend who is DEATHLY afraid of MOTHS. Moths! Those harmless and cool yet sort of ugly looking things that hang out by the porch lights all night long?! Really, she could be talking to the president of the united states, and if a moth flew by her she would run around the room like she is having a seizure and scream. Poor girl! But when I say 'poor girl', I really mean it's HILARIOUS! And it might have been the entertainment of all college jokes... poor girl...

Well anyway, spiders and moths, those are fears that are to be accepted. A lot of people are afraid of those, right? Well I'm going to let you in on a little bit of my crazy. I have some fears...some REAL fears, that are a *tad* irrational, if you will.

SHARKS. Okay, not terrible right? I mean, a lot of people are afraid of sharks, right? Well I live in Utah friends. Not anywhere near an ocean. But put me in a lake, where I am very aware there are no sharks living, and I'll still have a panic attack if I picture a shark underneath me. Let alone going in the ocean! My heavens, just try getting me in an ocean. And this, I blame my brother for letting me watch Jaws when I was a wee lad. But shark week on the discover channel? I will watch it all day everyday. Because watching sharks while being many miles away from the ocean? That I can do.

AIRPLANES. Well not flying on airplanes. That would be a semi-normal fear, right? No, that's not my fear at all. My fear is this... that an airplane will fall from the sky and land on my house. My house, or whatever building I'm in. Seriously you guys, if I hear an airplane engine outside in the sky, 9 out of 10 times I stop what I'm doing to listen carefully and start planning an escape route in my head. I suppose I'm listening for the engine to get louder and faster. Because of course, that would mean it is uncontrollably falling in my general direction, and I need to get the h out of there! But thank goodness, that hasn't happened to me yet. Just many false alarms.

AIRBAGS. Whaa?? Yes, I'm afraid of them. What I'm afraid of is that the airbag will randomly deploy while I'm driving. This also has never happened to me... but I worry about it all of the time! I even scoot the seat back farther and make sure my head is resting against the headrest behind me, when I'm really worried about it. You know, just in case I need to be out of the way when that thing malfunctions! Has this ever even happened to anyone?? I'm too afraid to google it, that would just egg on my fear. So...if you have heard of it happening, don't tell me.

I would say those are my top three crazy fears. And maybe even my actual top three fears, not even just the crazy ones! Well, besides spiders of course. And that girl from The Ring. And public speaking.

Otherwise, I am a totally sane and normal human being.


  1. I've had a fear of ghosts since I was about 5 or 6 years old when I watched an "Unsolved Mysteries" episode about them. Anyway, it's so dumb, but I hate mirrors at night because I'm afraid if I walk by one, I'll see my shadow move and think it's a ghost! Travis wanted to hang a little mirror by our kitchen the other day and I said no because it was right above the light switch. I'd have to stand right in front of it to turn the light on at night, and surely I would look like a ghost. Hahaha! I think the mirror thing comes from learning about Bloody Mary as a kid, and also from "The Ring." Isn't there a creepy mirror in that movie? Well, if not, there are always creepy mirror in movies. Irrational fear, I know! Haha!

  2. Do I know this girl who is afraid of moths? Like "know" her? Lol

  3. Two of my daughters have to turn their mirrors around at night because of the movie "Skeleton Key"

    I won't even mention my own fears. Talking about them makes me think about them, and I am not up to that today. But, I am glad you shared yours.

  4. I'm so totally afraid of spiders as well. And believe it or not I have a sister who is afraid of moths. And my mom is afraid of birds. It's so crazy because I love birds. I think everyone has at least one or two irrational fears. Don't worry... you're normal. :)