Because sometimes, Mondays aren't what everyone says they are.


I know you are reading this on tuesday, but as I'm writing this it's actually Monday night. I'm sitting in the front room typing on my netbook, with a bowl of chocolate chips (and I swear to you, the "shursavings chocolate flavored chips" are just not worth the savings! note to self: get the good stuff.) and a pile of freshly folded towels next to me, while watching dancing with the stars. (this season is just ahh-mazz-ing!)

Ten minutes ago my J man came over to me, grabbed my hand and made me follow him upstairs, where he walked into his bedroom and asked to go to bed. Now if that's not just the cutest thing?! Bless his sweet little heart. The kid can have 10 temper tantrums in one day, and then he does something like that and I forget every single scream fit. Oh how I love him.

And really, why I'm here...can I just tell you how much I love mondays? I mean, saturdays and sundays, well those are great too. Family time, fun time, relaxation time... yes, the weekends are fabulous, I won't deny that. But MONDAYS. Oh mondays, sometimes they are the best.

To give you an idea, I'm going to have to do a little play-by-play rundown. Bear with me?

You see, on mondays I get to come home from working out and stay sweaty all morning, without having to get dressed or put any makeup on right away. Or, as happens most often lately, I get to just sleep in until J wakes up!

Then I get to spend the day with my little guy. Sure, I mean sometimes he is a lot to handle. Especially since he hit this "terrible twos" stage. Which is really surprising to me, since he's not even two yet! But here we are with a child that sometimes resembles a bipolar man. One minute he will be the cutest little boogaboo that you ever did see, but the next minute he will be sprawled on the floor screaming his little heart out and acting completely irrational. And really, thank goodness for the world wide web, so I can google "the terrible twos" and read many articles that make me realize that my child is actually completely normal!

But even with his stages, with his tantrums and his screaming, I get to be with him, and that's all that really matters sometimes. I get to clean and get little things done, the kind of things that find a way to stay under the radar all week long when I'm too exhausted to do them. I get to blast the music and we dance around the house, while my little guy helps me vacuum and dust. Then I put J man down for his daily nap, and I finally get out of my sweats and get ready for the day. I take an extra long shower, and I get the luxury of having the time to let my hair air dry! Fantastic, I tell you.

By 3:00 in the afternoon we are done with cleaning and naps, I'm ready for the day, and we get to decide what fun things to do until daddy gets home. Sometimes we go to the park. Sometimes we run errands. Sometimes we tour the construction trucks in the lots all around our neighborhood. Sometimes, depending on the weather, we go to the pool, or the riverwalk, or the carls jr playplace.

And I get to plan dinner! Coming home from work and trying to plan dinner, that gets annoyingly exhausting. But on mondays, I can start thawing the chicken at 11:00 in the morning, or I can go grab those last minute groceries that I forgot so I can make something yummy.

And then my day most often ends with my house being clean, my to-do list being checked, and my heart being full.

I get one day where I feel like a stay-at-home mama.

You know, I'm very aware that there are ups and downs to every career path we choose. And working part-time, I feel like I have a little dose of both stay at home moms as well as working moms. I am aware of the struggles that would come with not having much adult time, cleaning puke off your shirt ten times a day seven days a week, and not having the opportunity to get outside of the home as much.

I know that staying home full time could get depressing. I know that it's a lot of work. I know that I would go stir crazy.

I sure love my job, and I love my life. But juggling a career AND a family, well that's a lot of work! My family, they will always and forever be my number one priority. Being a mother and a wife, the heart of my home, will always be my number one goal.

And if we're being completely honest (can I give myself a second to be full of confidence?), I'm pretty sure I'm doing a fabulous job of being both a great mom and a working mom.

But for me, overall, staying at home full time with my little guy would be a luxury in life.

And on mondays, I get a small taste of that luxury.

And I just. love. it.

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