Manic Monday - Rockstar Skinny Jeans

warning: this post looks as though I was paid to write it. *I promise* I wasn't! But I would make a good sales lady, yes? If old navy stumbles upon this, feel free to cut me a check...

Guys, I have a confession.

As I usually do...

So the thing is, I love skinny jeans. And really, I used to hate them. Yeah, really, I did! When they first came out I remember thinking how horribly ugly and unflattering they were. But then I tried a pair on in the store. And oh, I loved them! Boots slip right over them, with no bunching? Fabulous. And I can wear high heels and feel tall and slender? Ohh yes please!

But then here's the other thing. I had a kid. And now I have a one and half year old boy. A BOY, you guys. Can you imagine running around chasing a sweet little independent and very active little boy while wearing skinny jeans? Not ideal.

Well, since I discovered the rockstar skinny jeans at old navy, my life has gotten ten times easier then it used to be. I can look stylish, but feel like I'm wearing pj's! I kid you not, they are the comfiest things I ever did wear. You would never guess you were wearing jeans!

And here's the REAL kicker... they are a whopping $30. Or, if you're clever like me, you can clip a coupon while shopping during a sale-and BAM, $19 a pair. Cha-ching!


You can find them online here.

Or just go to your old navy store.

And really, you can thank me later.

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