My Remedy

Being sick is for the birds.

Except, I'm not really sick. All I have is a swirly head, sleepy eyes, and a sore throat that catches fire when I'm trying to sleep. And a whole lotta crankiness!

But yesterday, oh I hated your guts. I mean, it was just a long day with a swirly head and no relaxation whatsoever. Except for the one hour lunch break I got, in which I was so excited to snuggle in my bed and watch the parenthood episode I missed...but no, the nbc ipad app was down! And oh how that did NOT help my mood!

Although I must say, coming home from work to a clean house and a ham cooking in the oven was fabulous. And having my family over for a christmas dinner, while elf played on the tv, well that was fabulous as well!

But then they all left, and my crankiness creeped back in, when I tried watching parenthood again. Apparently I am destined to NOT watch it! Because, would you know that every site I tried gave me a bad network connection. Gah!!!!!

So I threw the ipad and the laptop across the bed, rolled over and promptly fell asleep while huffing and puffing. My pride even kept me from getting a cough drop, which was so stupid because my throat reaalllyy needed it!

Then this morning I couldn't get out of bed. You know the hangover feeling from nyquil? Well that was me. Except I didn't have any nyquil! So no benefits.

But don't you worry, I dragged my lazy butt outa bed and made it to work.

And you wanna know what made my day? My cranky, croaky day?

1. my little guy puckered up all nice and big, and gave me five-I repeat, FIVE-overly exagerated kisses when I left this morning. It's like he knew I just NEEDED that!

and dos, the hubs stopped by at 9:30 with an ice cold dr. pepper. Because what better to improve your cranky demeanor than an ice cold dr. pepper?! Bless his heart.

Ohhh, and...this gigantic, oohy gooey brownie I'm eating right now that is stuffed full of chocolate chips. That's helping a little too.


I'm really looking forward to my third attempt at watching parenthood tonight. And by golly, if that doesn't work...I might just cry.

{this post was largely pathic, was it not??}

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