January and misery go hand in hand.

...dreaming of the beach... {via}

Does anyone else feel like this is the longest month of their entire life so far? It feels like we have been in the month of January for yeearrss now. Years, I say! I can't even hardly believe that it's not over yet.

It's no secret that I'm a fair weather girl. I complain every single winter, I'm very aware of that. And gosh, if there is one thing I hate it's a complainer! So here I am being nothing but a hypocrite. And also, I choose to live here don't I? So who am I, I ask you? Who am I?!

I know. Really, I do. But allsI'm sayin is, can this January please be done so we can all move on with our lives and remember what it's like to live in a warm, sunny world?! I swear to you, if I can make it to Spring I will never take that beautiful sun for granted ever again. I will be good, I swear it! Just PLEASE, for the LOVE, let January be over soon!

There, I've said my piece. I promise to try my hardest to think about not complaining anymore whilst I'm waiting for this god awful snow to melt, cooped up inside my house watching cars for the millionth time with a stir crazy toddler, being tortured on a treadmill and eating so much canned soup that my tongue is going to fall out.

Dramatic much?

And anyway, all I can say is thank the heavens for dr. pepper. Else, how would we make it through January's at all??

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