Today I almost died.

Okay, well not really. But it FELT like I was dying! At times, I wanted to die. (I really shouldn't joke about such serious things, I know. Plus, what if one day I really almost die, and when I make a post about it people will read the title and say, oh she just had food poisoning again...)

Food poisoning. I had never had it before and I will die a happy woman if I never have to go through that again. It started at five o' clock this morning. I was having a nightmare that little aliens were trying to protrude from my stomach. I woke up groaning and clutching my belly, trying my hardest to keep those aliens from breaking through. Gory, I know. And then it all got worse from there. MIS-ER-ABLE I tell you. I felt like I was having labor contractions all day. Oh, but if you've had food poisoning before you already know this.

Anyway, I somehow survived the misery. My abdominal pain stopped later in the afternoon, although my abs are still contracted and rock hard. I had eaten four saltine crackers all day and wasn't feeling a bit like eating anything else, until I was suddenly struck with the fancy for a green salad. Not JUST a green salad, but a green salad with ranch. Not JUST a green salad with ranch, but a green salad with ranch and crinkled beets!

So at 7:00 I headed off to the grocery store in all of my nappy hair, makeup-less, I've been throwing up all day glory. And by golly, it was worth it. Not just the salad, but THIS WEATHER! Holy moly, Spring is here. The snow is all but melted on the walks and yards. I had the windows rolled down and thoughts of hope as the wind blew my hair, memories of flowers and volleyball and walks and playing at the park. Rockie was next to me in the passenger seat, planting her face in the wind. The SPRING filled air! And it was light outside! And I wore flats with no socks! NO SOCKS, of all things!

I'm sure glad I survived the food poisoning, else I never would have experienced the joy from taking a drive at dusk on such a beautiful day. There is nothing like Spring coming in and stealing the show after a long dreary winter, am I right?! Nothing beats it.

And on that note, I will never be eating turkey bacon panini's again. In the words of TSwift: Like, ever.

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