A hairy debate. (See what I did there?)

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There has been an ongoing debate in my head that has lasted for the past few months. These two voices go back and forth on a regular basis. One of them says, hey listen, it's time for mister J to get a haircut. Then the other voice, the one who is much more dominant, says, no way jose. You are never, ever, ever cutting his hair.

It's nonsense, this debate. A whole lot of nonsense. So I ignore the voices and just carry on with life. Then someone at the grocery store tells me I have a cute little girl, or his preschool teacher hints to me that she has hair buzzers I could borrow if I'd like, and grandpa tells me if I don't cut his hair that by golly he will.

But here is the thing. No, here's the two things.

One. I have a soft spot in my heart for long hair on little boys.

And two. I am a total wussy, one who is all too attatched to a head of hair.

So you see?

Well stand down, because I am here to make an announcement. The debate is over! My second voice, it has prevailed. And I just want to make it known to the world, in case you are all wondering, and I'm sorry but not really sorry if this is a disapointment to anyone. Mister J will NOT be getting his hair cut. We are growing it out nice and long, and don't be surprised if one day I put it in a ponytail. Don't be surprised if I find the most boyish headband I can find to keep his hair off his face on really hot days. And don't be surprised when we are asked if we would like our son to be the face of a toddler urban clothing line, purely because he has the cutest blonde mop head anyone has ever seen.

My mop head. My skater boy. My huck finn. My Ryder Robinson.

One day I will have it cut. But not now. And not anytime soon.

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  1. You go girl, grow it out let him show off what his mama gave him! He is such a cutie! Love his blond hair.