Picture Overload, just like the good ol' days.

 photo 015BC465-CA61-4600-98FD-523DE82E8B3E-654-0000010336E3E89B_zps07ff4404.jpg photo C96B298B-27A3-4634-841D-8086C24128AF-654-00000103457C42C3_zps7c7b6b2f.jpg photo 13D50FF9-491E-4B24-8AF3-7631FCF3C1D1-654-000001035E03E8C8_zps67e3aa6c.jpg photo 9363863E-3BF5-47FC-9591-5B228E0FEE8F-654-000001042A7E5EF1_zps7519c737.jpg photo D596EB90-00AD-46F4-9AFA-058D29D52CB4-654-00000104339D37A2_zpsf1f50b67.jpg photo 992E26D8-2081-4C8D-BA62-3F7589CC0CE2-654-000001043C76158B_zps2451d448.jpg photo C45C0C95-C4F9-41A7-A440-13CECDFE29AE-654-0000010444F5AEAF_zps73653c2a.jpg photo 51E6BCA3-E2E3-4190-BEC3-273DF8A1E947-654-00000103724CF342_zps4b612235.jpg photo 280BC02B-9D2A-4B07-B507-4D7FE6009474-654-0000010386BBE674_zps1e8a0b3e.jpg photo F6607E70-052C-415F-AB93-A20C7F8BA6BF-654-0000010393B93AA4_zps437560e8.jpg photo 6C8A612F-CF7F-42ED-BC89-1F19D36F5F2D-654-00000103A928DAF1_zpsf49b4457.jpg photo B49E466E-6A45-4B4E-B1CD-840ECDF8B25C-654-0000010466C3B23F_zps6aa43f39.jpg photo CF0DBC63-0036-41E8-BF92-1CAA4C3302EF-654-0000010475CFC288_zpsfc9d2f9e.jpg photo FF5AB204-04E3-4D9D-A7D9-695255813DDF-654-000001044F60C36E_zpsa094cae8.jpg photo 77C32D9E-1787-40E2-83E2-C65EB2EDFCAE-654-000001045689CB6F_zps2c5f4dee.jpg photo 6216536B-98AF-4E91-83F7-2D0E97CD0E3A-654-00000103E164862C_zps7df0b2e9.jpg

When I looked back on my pictures from last week, I realized that I all but stopped taking pictures starting on tuesday... So here is a good old fashioned picture overload, mostly from last weekend. You're welcome.

I decided to protest watching the weather anymore, because it's so darn moody and my tender little heart can't handle it. So if you've heard it's supposed to storm and snow again anytime soon, please keep it to yourself, because I'd just rather not know. But on the good side, today is the first day of the year that mister J has worn flip flops! Thank you sun!

Good Friday to ya folks! I don't have a darn idea what we are going to do with our weekend. But I'm sure I'll tell you all about it on instagram and facebook, you know. Youuuuu knoowwwww you love it.

And on that note, I guess I better attack this to-do list piling up on my desk. I would ignore it, but it's a nagger this one.

Happy Friday!

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