Pictures from our week, and be prepared because I'm in a really good mood today!

 photo 810BAD24-D86F-48F8-A408-48779C698279-4985-000005B33A531F51_zpse6b58cc3.jpg photo 62ECBEFD-1ED7-4FEA-B4C6-386C802EE73A-4985-000005B349097BC3_zps39b2df7a.jpg photo B98E735A-C985-44E3-AC75-CD2EA9D7FD80-4985-000005B359DDFA8B_zps8a21c4a4.jpg photo BDB34B35-9D3D-4DB3-A0EF-49EC216476BC-4985-000005B36AFE6EAD_zps8a7f6b74.jpg photo 75BFB32A-C095-49B5-A9F9-78CD1CECCE0D-4985-000005B37FFB8CB4_zps1b785e27.jpg photo ECB54086-1553-4D8F-9812-144E74F5EB67-4985-000005B3926767E9_zps324123a1.jpg photo 0CF9E618-FEB0-4E73-9AB0-4ECD5069FF87-4985-000005B3A2937199_zpsdbf99129.jpg photo 9A8AB109-4D44-4913-A027-981B7A9C6888-4985-000005B3AC588FFE_zpsee22ef18.jpg photo D681090A-5D74-48D8-8A71-A4C49858955E-4985-000005B3B63F1ADF_zps4695c169.jpg photo 7EBA1A61-64B0-477B-A794-CC2C288A9431-4985-000005B3C6B50F5D_zpsa9a86ae3.jpg photo E52D7D34-B922-4B42-BBAB-D61C97951E42-4985-000005B40B6381AB_zps37451559.jpg photo 79844889-451C-4037-BEEC-8D4CC3FC3FE9-4985-000005B476E6FF6D_zpsca1481d6.jpg photo E11CD876-3AEF-41CA-930C-A8A8DADAEAB7-4985-000005B4154F0407_zpsa024090f.jpg photo 1A570419-BE2D-4F9C-9F81-1608DD1F72DC-4985-000005B42137A3E9_zps0749855a.jpg photo 58ED2CC9-D0E4-44F6-962D-3CE4D68A4915-4985-000005B42AA49550_zps13995a1d.jpg photo DCA24C3F-47E5-4AC2-8DD3-AB344D022519-4985-000005B4342D94B5_zps037c93b3.jpg photo D24239EC-1C95-4256-ACDF-F1BD144B9D1F-4985-000005B44082FBBE_zps674bb225.jpg photo 4FDB2106-5799-4133-8793-84B063CC6541-4985-000005B508D42B30_zps0a001b7b.jpg 


Wasn't it just barely Friday? I love these kind of weeks that just fly right by. Today mister J and I left the house early to run errands around town, which included walking through downtown main because it's one of his favorite things to do. Then I met up with a friend for lunch and now J is taking a nap while I squeeze in some time to blog. And when I say "squeeze in some time", I mean that there is nothing I'd rather be doing. ;)

Today I feel motivated, and I love feeling motivated. Getting stuff done and feeling happy to be who I am and grateful to have who I have in my life. Like YOU! YOU who is reading this right now, THANK YOU! For reading this, for being in my life. Sappy, yeah, but I just mean it. You all rock. ALL OF YOU.

I'm also feeling happy because it's DATE NIGHT, which, who doesn't love a good date night?

Oh, and it's almost eighty degrees right now. That might be the root of all my happiness. I am a sunshine girl through and through.

Look, I'm really sorry if my overly chipper attitude is annoying you? I know how you feel because sometimes I annoy myself when I'm in one of these really happy moods. Why can't I just tone it down a little?! Don't make me tell you why, or I might bust out in song and NOBODY WANTS THAT.

You guys, just have a really  good weekend okay? Whatever you are doing, make it good. And I'll see you soon.

Oh and hey, if you haven't seen this, PLEASE WATCH IT and thank me later!

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