Our weekend. And this and that.

 photo DEDC7FD1-009C-4F24-ABD1-A083EF20F7D8-966-000000CE045588A8_zpsb12544dd.jpg photo AF7DE752-121F-4C0E-8461-511420AB0ED2-966-000000CE1582E04B_zps37ab6e5b.jpg photo B15F6A50-4C0A-49AB-A37C-624BA0F00EF0-966-000000CE25C8368A_zps38c89929.jpg photo 17F45CC7-CA6D-476A-ADE3-396DC7892364-966-000000CE2EAC1CA9_zps64255cb6.jpg photo DD1BA172-B360-4633-AF8E-D5D7C1F24495-966-000000CE3A224D20_zps5b5d4025.jpg photo 98634860-171E-4EBF-99AB-4C4E8A855580-966-000000CE42B0AD59_zps9318f55c.jpg photo 381F8E7B-B930-4B4B-A39A-47F8519FEC19-966-000000CE4EFBFEA1_zps3a916952.jpg photo 4570A94E-60CD-437D-9DE9-AF5CF6DC3A7A-966-000000CE5E667748_zpse5c911a1.jpg photo DFDDC2EF-2B2E-4800-95F4-F796A44AB281-966-000000CE686EE39C_zps5e5d6ace.jpg photo FA7C1FC4-F30A-4EB2-851E-778DFEF169B7-966-000000CE7B069095_zps23fcfa58.jpg photo 1EE5A340-031F-4EB3-958D-E38697672CD3-966-000000CE8586B765_zps09b43964.jpg photo 944506FE-46AA-4F41-9919-25D1EF6C485D-966-000000CE9F7FFC34_zpsd1bf507b.jpg photo D81535CE-FF33-4B37-BC96-5C259A7FF975-966-000000CEAB12C164_zpsba782b8d.jpg photo EFECDEBD-F534-41AD-85B5-B53EB41F02FD-966-000000CEB621A973_zps0f0a7eb6.jpg photo 57EA69C0-BC71-4E34-B579-86E322B723B4-966-000000CEBE241593_zpsa809a466.jpg photo 4C1CBE4F-7F40-4015-8893-448710CC164E-966-000000CEC9F682F4_zps29c78dad.jpg photo E0FFDC07-D59E-489B-801E-CD787FADDAB7-966-000000CED11961CF_zpsc1f1320e.jpg photo E2E403EC-82C3-4BCF-AA24-EE88A31C8E3A-966-000000CEDAA4F06B_zps2593c3c3.jpg photo C55091B9-7019-4DF0-A290-CD9483D27996-966-000000CEE7DA5A16_zps147ca693.jpg photo 7C1D4A8E-DE43-4F6B-83FE-54E6ABE08F11-966-000000CEF65967A4_zpsb935122d.jpg photo 44EC9D5F-BEE0-47D5-9088-C1A77E717DB1-966-000000CEFDD49E54_zps1fdce6c4.jpg photo FD037667-B64B-4CDF-B050-C1F84C918B47-966-000000CF09EEC6D9_zps4fdf84fe.jpg photo 7BEE6A3F-D6C2-4088-812C-C104D2AF5DE5-966-000000CF17D1CF27_zpsbbe2cee5.jpg photo 0AD53062-D62E-4BF0-9DED-A90A077CAB40-966-000000CF1D92907B_zpse3698103.jpg photo C1D4D2B1-2F42-43B3-AC70-9B6405B24E7B-966-000000CF2A3A7A2E_zps290433b8.jpg photo 2EB7B3E2-5A89-4BE5-B3CF-1C001D1175EF-966-000000CF3120DE11_zps643ec55d.jpg photo 1C2963A7-1C75-418C-9B67-A9F311476923-966-000000CF37A4979E_zps78e2d4e9.jpg photo DBF88ED5-EA97-4ABE-A5D3-6E6D1B54A48A-966-000000CF3DE3BAE4_zps53845eb1.jpg

// We spent a chilly but beautiful weekend at bear lake in good company. The drive through the canyon alone was worth it, this time of year is so lovely. Don't you agree? We really did have a grand time.

// Saturday night we drank hot apple cider and ate sugar donuts while watching kid halloween movies as a family, and that was lovely too. I hereby declare it fall! Although while we were at bear lake I was tricked into thinking we had skipped fall all together, as it felt like the beginnings of a frigid winter.

// My life has been taken over by catching up on pretty little liars, and just ask the hubs if you don't believe me. I'm up into all hours of the night watching episode after episode. First of all, it's giving me nightmares. And second of all, I need sleep! And also, I spend a lot of time yelling at the tv. It's ridiculously addicting.

// The sun is shining today and it's really feeling like my kind of weather, where it's cool and windy but sunny and warm-ish. Cool but warm-ish! That's very poetic, isn't it? Anyway, it's very soul soothing. Today is also made for winding down and cleaning, as mondays usually are.

// And while we are talking about today, Mister J slept until TEN o'clock this morning which deserves a shout out, while also I must be honest with you: he did wake up all bushy tailed at FOUR o'clock this morning, which explains the sleeping in later. But I'll take it anyway.

// And now I'm considering a dr pepper run, even though I know it's not in my best interest. Or is it? It feels like it is, so I might. I know, I know, this is all so suspenseful and intriguing for you to read! Borrreee-feessstttt, snnooooozzeeee.

I guess that's my cue. Happy Monday folks!

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