So. This happened...

"The jogging stroller tires got ruined today." I tell Dan as I jump up on the kitchen counter, letting my legs dangle while I enjoy a bowl of honey nut chex.

"They got ruined? How?"

"Well, you know that stupid house that never takes care of their park strip?" I know he knows the house, because we've both complained about it many times since we moved here only two years ago. It's a home down the block from us and across the main road, enclosed in a white vinyl fence that keeps it hidden from the world.

Unfortunately for us walkers and joggers using the sidewalk outside of their fence, they decide to ignore the fact that they still own the park strip on the other side of that fence. Every year they let the weeds grow rouge, overtaking the sidewalk with thorns.

Dan groans when I bring it up. "Ugh. Have you sent that e-mail to the city yet?"

I have told Dan many times that I would send a complaint to the city, but it turns out that complaining about it takes less work than actually taking action. So, I haven't gotten around to getting on the computer and sending out a real complaint yet. But soon!

I take an extra big bite of cereal and mutter something through my milk, trying to change the subject or distract him, while knowing I won't. He shakes his head in a fatherly fashion. "Babbeee. You gotta send that."

"I know..." I take another bite of cereal. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

"So, how did it ruin the tires?" He prods.

I swallow my bite. "Well I didn't realize it until I got home, but I pushed the jogging stroller right over the weeds instead of going around them, and all of the camel toes punched holes in the tires!"


"What?" He looks at me, appalled. "All of the camel toes punched holes in the tires?"

"Yeah, all of the camel toes. They punched holes in the tires. I had to pull them out, one by one."

Wait. Did I say something wrong? Dan looks like he might lose it. Rewind. What did I say... all of the camel toes...

"Wait. What are those little thorny weeds called?"

"GOAT HEADS Meg. They're called GOAT HEADS."

 [insert laughing until we cried here]

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