A weekend in pictures on a dreary monday.

 photo 8D0D5721-AB31-4344-B1E4-9DC6400F3985-11994-000006576294776F_zpsf896026b.jpg photo F1D3B5A6-AA21-4F15-8815-0B378D68917E-11999-00000657B0D0D10E_zps15f31148.jpg photo 35F05B79-9C63-49B1-9AC2-96B1F465D336-11999-00000657B91110AD_zps2b28f3f7.jpg photo 041BCCEF-F0AD-438A-9CCD-D45967BB8AA6-11999-00000657C0F42703_zpscf4e3d76.jpg photo 326CC50C-06DA-4C58-A9C4-338E346D633B-11999-00000657CA32D8CB_zps8ef713d3.jpg photo 6BFC7FE2-F26E-4F08-B9C0-C78C09EF5F86-11999-00000657D7A76B0B_zps459e5c01.jpg photo E49D231B-8B76-4EC9-8A44-36459217D262-11999-00000657DECC74E3_zps464e6ceb.jpg photo 7180AC13-AE67-42C6-8D6E-38BC4B349F0E-11999-000006580C346926_zpsef58f0a8.jpg photo 6ACF45EC-D732-40C9-91CC-3830CFACD4C5-11999-00000657F32FBB66_zps95dcc06c.jpg photo DD520CDD-B885-4E5D-AAE8-16F06C2F5AF7-11999-00000657FCC4D1AA_zps9257a0a6.jpg photo DF1AE585-A57F-49C3-A0B9-33631111B230-11999-0000065804264AAB_zpsed4957ce.jpg photo 1BEDC8A1-A2CC-4B46-9DD1-A71CAA93153D-11999-00000658170C763C_zpsbe4c60c1.jpg photo 1B156278-4046-424F-B505-6DDB63FBD81B-11999-000006581E11179B_zps2485661c.jpg photo E843E879-8134-4CF8-B83A-CF94886F3C86-11999-0000065822BD81AC_zpsa3ed2d6a.jpg photo FA82B5B7-66A1-4D70-BFCE-8ECEF9E4E941-11999-0000065827AE672A_zps8773ab28.jpg photo C8E033A7-EDCA-4F38-8D2A-D2FBF2B84225-11999-0000065832199A35_zpsc5d9105a.jpg

// Little man learned how to use the pedals on his tricycle, makin' mama and pops proud this kid.

// We went to the pumpkin walk which is this halloween tradition here in the valley and we haven't missed a year. And miracle of all miracles, there was no line to get in and when has that ever happened?! It was awesome, to say the least. Hashtag wearelucky here.

// Saturday night we were invited to the cutest pumpkin carving party and it was a ball. We weren't planning on winning any prizes or anything with our three tiny little pumpkins, but we stacked those babies and made them into a snowman which, hey! Not bad right! A scary pumpkin snowman. I also don't think it was a coincidence that mister J woke up with nightmares that night. He told daddy, "Scary monsters..." and I think he's really getting this halloween thing this year.

// Doesn't fall look pretty on 700 south? That's my second favorite street in logan. My first favorite is center street of course, but who doesn't love center street?

And now as I'm typing this post my fingers are frozen. Today is monday and oh boy, is it ever monday. I'd like nothing more than to wrap myself in a blanket and watch back to back episodes of gossip girl, but my two year old rules the roost around here and he wants to play outside! In the cold! So okay, what he says goes. And that's what we've been doing all morning around here.

Tonight we are going to a costume party and that will be fun. I need to be kicked into the halloween spirit you know, and what better to do that than a costume party right? But in all honesty, Halloween is almost here and I'm excited for it to be through so we can move on to the really great holidays, you know? Turkey and cranberry and stuffing are calling my name! But they do all year round so, anyway.

Happy (or not so happy) monday you guys. We'll get through it!

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