Christmas and such.

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Christmas at the C house was kind of a ball. And I'm kind of still recovering.

Almost three is the perfect age for christmas. Mister J was a hoot all day long, just loving on all of his presents and getting spoiled rotten and throwing his hands in the air to randomly declare Merry Christmas!! I have some melt-your-heart videos saved in my phone that I'll have to post sometime soon, so you can all see just what I mean.

Just now I had a conversation with our UPS man who has teenagers at home and told me all about the woes of technology and iphones and xboxes and gadgets for christmas these days. Kids don't want to go outside and build snowforts anymore, they want to sit at home and socialize on their new devices! I'm dreading those days. Dreading them. And I'm not taking these days for granted, the days of Jace wanting to play outside all day long and watching his face lite up with joy over dollar-store stocking stuffers.

What else, what else.

Last night the hubs took me on a date and little peanut really wanted a salad, specifically a salad bar with all of the fixins. So we went to sizzler, which almost never happens, and that salad bar done did hit the spot! I still can't stop thinking about it. This baby is literally making my life revolve around food.

Speaking of which, my mind is continually blown at how different this pregnancy is going than my first pregnancy. The cravings, the awful morning sickness, and now here I am at 15 weeks and already suffering from debilitating heartburn. And would you know, last night I was woken up at 3:00 in the morning with a rock hard baby bump and what felt exactly like contractions. I was so confused. Contractions? No way, it can't be. I got up and walked around, drank some water, laid back down and SURE ENOUGH. They were contractions. Braxton hicks, if you will. So as I laid in bed breathing through my contractions I googled "braxton hicks at 15 weeks". Sure enough, it's a thing! Who knew?! Not this girl.

This morning as I rolled out of bed close to 9:00, feeling a little exhausted, I poked my fetus and said listen up little one. We have no need to practice labor yet, hold off a few more months will ya?! And I can't tell if it listened but in my experience, fetuses don't listen and obey so we will see what happens.

And anyway. I'm not complaining really, just expressing my perplexity at the differences in my two pregnancies. It's the darndest, you guys.

But so back to christmas, how was yours? I hope it was grand. Now it's NEW YEARS so don't put away your party pants just yet!

Happy FRIDAY, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


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