That time of year.

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I just love christmas time.

The other night I sat on the couch sipping hot soup and watching while you were sleeping, while the hubs put all of the finishing touches on the christmas tree. I hung maybe three ornaments this year? But the hubs, he had this picture in his perfectionist mind of what he wanted the tree to look like, so I said okay have at it! And have I mentioned that a prelit tree was the best idea we've ever had? I love skipping the lights every year. It saves time and arguments.

And do you know what I really love? I love the holidays with a two year old. Holy moly, do I love them! Mister J is so overly excited about everything. Christmas lights! Christmas trees! Santa Clause! Driving around town is all an adventure nowdays, and every night when we pull into our driveway he is thrilled to see our christmas lights shining brightly.

"Ohhh! Christmas!" He exclaims.

He melts me, this one.

Although there is no doubt in my mind that if he actually sees a real live "santa clause" this year, he will not like him one bit. I don't think we'll attempt sitting on santas lap, and if we do it will only be for a cruel parents trick to get a laughable picture of their child screaming.

And for heavens sake, is it santa clause or santa claus?! I can't figure this one out.

Oh by the way, how was your thanksgiving? Ours was grand. We always extend our festivities long and hard between my family and in-laws, and by golly we have a worn out little boy. Who also, might I add, did come down with the croup in between holiday celebrations but we managed to have a great holiday anyway.

And now I am trying to get him back into a normal routine, but by the time we adjust to that it will be christmas and then new years and, oh yes I remember now! Don't expect routine from thanksgiving until after new years, because you won't get any! I forget that every year.

Tis the season!

But. I just love christmas time.

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