Even though I can't stop writing 2013, it's actually 2014 now. How about that?

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It's 2014. Did you hear?

I kind of couldn't be happier to welcome another year.

Last year I distinctly remember New Years Day feeling very blah. I felt it was a curse, a sign that it would be a not-so-great 2013. As I wrote in my post here.

And while 2013 brought some great things to the house, my initial feelings really were a shadow of the year, because it honestly was a very hard year overall. We dropped a lot of money to landscape our home. Of course that had to be done and I'm so glad we did it, but landscaping our entire yard put a lot of financial stress on our house, not too mention all of the time my amazing husband spent in the yard all summer long. My sweet grandma passed away. Both my dad and my brother ended up in the hospital with some serious injuries and issues. Work pushed me harder than it ever has before. And the first half of the year brought some challenges with Jace that the second half of the year wiped away and thankfully that has been a wonderful, wonderful relief. Among other things that I won't bore you with, but that really were stressful in a "looking back that was silly to stress about" kind of way.

It just wasn't my favorite I suppose, that 2013.

Although we had some good times, as we do. Like our trip to Vegas, camping trips, boating trips, roadtrips, birthdays and adventures. Even in the chaos we always find a way to have fun together and I love that about my little family.

But so far this year things feel different. This year is quite the opposite of one year ago when I felt the year before me being jinxed. But rather, this year started with my feeling happy and free. I feel like 2014 has brought a new me, a stronger me with eyes wide open to more beauty in life. A me that is wiser and has grown in just the right ways while continuing to become someone I really want to be. A me that doesn't focus on the things that don't matter. A me that doesn't take things for granted or wish my days away. And as per usual, a me that dreams larger than life, with high hopes and plans for a year filled with travels and adventures.

I'm very much welcoming this year.
I'm welcoming a new tiny baby to hold in my arms.
I'm welcoming my now baby turning three years old, because so far watching him growing is honestly the most fun and entertaining and rewarding thing that I have ever done in my entire life.
I'm welcoming a yard of fresh green grass when the snow melts this spring, and a garden that's ready to be planted with fresh veggies.
I'm welcoming being closer to getting out of debt than we ever have been before.
I'm welcoming a summer with more time to play and less time working.
I'm welcoming more adventures and road-trips and travels.

And I really think that my favorite thing about the New Year, is looking back at the old year. I love scrolling through pictures of the past year and remembering, oh yeah! that's right! my life is pretty darn great! I look back at 2013 and I remember all of those hard times, while realizing how stupidly good I have it. I am so freaking blessed with these amazing boys of mine, my favorite pup, our amazing family and friends and home and life and what do I have to complain about anyway?!

I love that about ending the year. I love realizing the good and forgetting the bad. And then moving on to record another year for me to look back on and realize the exact same thing.

Yes 2014, I like you already. Let's see what you bring.

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  1. I love this. It's so positive. I hope 2014 is wonderful for you guys!