winter wonderland

This blog is becoming so boring. I feel like such a drag, but am I right?

It's because this time of year is so dreary and boring. Our little valley needed snow so badly, so when we got our promised pounding this week I told myself I wouldn't complain. And I'm not complaining but you guys, have I ever pretended to like winter? I feel so cooped up and cold. I miss the sun and the green grass and the lake. I miss shakes and iced coffees and tank tops paired with shorts and a good golden-brown tan on my little chicken legs. I miss hiking and biking and walking and running under the sun.

I think the worst thing you can do in the dumps of winter is to look back at pictures from warmer weather. Oh shoot, but I do it all of the time! And it makes me so nostalgic and just so sad.

Every winter I try to talk the hubs into moving us to California. But then warmer weather hits and for three beautiful seasons I fall in love with this valley all over again, to the point where I actually forget why I ever wanted to move. And then winter comes and, Oh that's right! I hate snow! I forgot! It's this vicious cycle that might never end. Unless this is the year that I can convince the hubs to move us to California....

I did show the snow up a little today by getting a sugar free vanilla iced coffee. It's thirty degrees and it's been snowing for days, but I can still get cold drinks if I want to! You can't stop me, winter! It felt pretty good and I'm feeling very proud of myself.

What else, what else...

Well baby beck has been poking his tiny little hand into my rib cage this week, so when you see me randomly going rigid and talking to my belly, don't worry too much. And speaking of baby beck, he is having quite the growth spurt. My baby belly is large and round and proud. The only thing I'm really missing right now is my small, perky, gravity-defying boobs. These getting-larger-by-the-minute lovely ladies are not for me, no sir. They are getting crammed into sports bras and giving me so much grief! (expect TMI around here sometimes...)

What else...

It's Friday, I suppose you should know that, and it's also date night so I'm excited to get out on the town with my lovah. A café rio sweet pork salad is calling my name! And a movie, with a large tub of popcorn and extra butter!

Speaking of extra butter. I skipped ALL of my workouts this week because I got hit with another head cold. I've been really going crazy with vitamin c and trying to kick this thing in the rear. I'm feeling much better today, but knock on wood!

What else, what else.... hmmm....

Well I guess I could apologize for all of the oversharing of videos on social media lately. Jace is at the cutest age for videos. I'd be embarrassed to admit how many videos of him I have on my phone at this very moment. And I suppose since I have another one on the way, you had better just get used to it or block me now!

And I don't think I can come up with anything else to bore you with for this largely pathetic post on this blistery snowy day. That sums up life lately and now it's the weekend! The weekend where it's supposed to dump more snow. Bring it on, I suppose.

If you made it this far in the post, well happy Friday!


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