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^^ a few highlights of our trailing this weekend ^^

A thick slice of my made-from-scratch wheat bread slathered in cream style chokecherry honey is just what I needed to wind down the evening after this blustery cold day. The day started when my phone chimed, a text from my neighbor warning me that our patio furniture was blowing down the street, and these gusts of ice cold wind haven't stopped since.

Mid morning we made a family trip to a local seed and garden store so that we could browse all of the blends of vegetables. As we left the store holding a bag of envelopes filled with seeds of string bean bushes, peas, five-blend lettuce and carrots, we barely made it to the car while the wind threatened to lift us up and carry us away.

We hid out in the house for a while, listening to the wind storms and (finally) finishing the last few episodes of breaking bad. Later in the afternoon the sun peaked out just so, getting our hopes up and sending us to the backyard bundled in coats with metal rakes in tow. We prepped the garden for planting by marking each row and path using colored flags, but I could only just barely talk dan out of planting the seeds because the wind was giving my nose frostbite and impairing my vision while tossing my hair into my face so violently. We raked the rows that were ready to be planted and vowed to do so later this week after work, when the sun was out and the wind was settled.

Even with such a gloomy day, the weekend was grand and sunny and adventure filled. I love this town of ours and all that it holds for us. I love filling a backpack with snacks and drinks while heading to the trails and pathways where we can spend our days exploring. I love long sunday morning breakfasts with good friends. I love sitting on my porch and reading a book while jace rides his bicycle up and down the street. I love taking rockie on long walks past fields of horses and sunrises that peak over beautiful snow capped mountains. I love the short drive south to visit grandma's house where we are always greeted warmly with home grilled steaks, and where we always end the night with a good long game of cards.

On a whim we chopped some curls from my little man's beautiful head of hair last night. His hair is just above his shoulders now, all trimmed and layered and stylish. He looks so handsome and so grown up that it makes me melt. Between that haircut and the new big boy underwear that he has been sporting all weekend, I am just thanking my lucky stars that we have a new baby coming soon because my now baby is growing up so fast I can't even blink anymore.

I'm sort of extra sentimental and weepy lately and I suppose it has something to do with these hormones. I mean, the other day at subway they told me they were out of wheat bread and it made me cry. And the next day on a lunch break walk I stopped a car so that I could save a ladybug that was crossing the street. And then there was the night that I ended up in a heap of tears at the foot of jace's bed at midnight because I was just sure that I'm failing him as a mother and doing everything wrong in life. So I mean, these hormones are no joke. I am a ship on the ocean in the perfect storm.

I have been reading a book called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and it has been so inspiring. I've never been so intrigued by a book written about food. She is an amazing author that writes so poetically, and life is never so good as it is when I am genuinely distracted by an inspiring book that is written well. I highly recommend it.

And now that monday is ending, my book and I have big plans of getting comfy in bed and reading the night away. Or as dan knows it to be: squeezing in a couple of chapters before I can't stay awake any longer because I'm absolutely no use after 10:00 at night these days.

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