down by the river + walking on sunshine

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It might be all of this sunshine and warm weather talking, but I’m just a little in love with life lately. I love this valley that I live in, where you can go twenty minutes in any direction to find yourself away from the busy town and into the thick of nature, surrounded by trees and dirt and trails and rivers. We love exploring new places to wander. We love finding solace and tradition in the places we go to weekly. We love throwing rocks down by the river and hiking on trails that lead us to caves. We love it for the adventure, for watching Jace really experience life and find his element. Because outdoors is his element. He’s a boy that loves dirt and rocks, discovering and exploring and destruction, and I love that about him.

And our home! I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, as we are coming up on the three year mark for our home-aversary. You know, the anniversary of when we first moved into our home. When we moved in there wasn’t a towel holder hung in any of the bathrooms, not a blind hung in a single window, just an empty newly built home with a big yard full of dirt and rocks and promise. Over time we have made this house our home and it has been such an amazing journey. Almost all of our memories with Jace so far in his life have been in this home. I’ve watched our yard of dirt transform into a luscious lawn of green grass, white willow bush trees, a beautiful oak tree that the bees love, a rock wall surrounding a fire pit, a large garden to fill with vegetables. We slowly accumulated blinds in the windows and decorative curtains, a home theater system all done up right, speakers in the ceilings to listen to music while we cook, a picture wall gallery filled with ever changing family photos, a chandelier in the dining room. I’ve watched it grow and mature and become our home, a place of safety and comfort and memories.

The reason it all bubbles to the surface this time of year is because my love for our home grows a thousand times when the sun comes out. It reminds me how spacious and open and lovely we have it. We have windows galore in our home, and might I recommend that to any of your future home buyers? Lots of big windows and light colored walls (preferably white, in my book), to bring the effects of light and brightness. It’s amazing what that does for the soul, you know, to have so much sunshine and brightness. Another thing I’d recommend to future home owners: no basement! No murky, cold, dark rooms with spiders in the corners. My name is Meghan and I believe in two story homes, amen. And then there are evenings spent in the backyard, grilling our dinner and watching our toddler climbing on the rock wall, watering the garden and taking walks around the neighborhood.

We landed it pretty perfect, I tell you.
Along with my silly sentiments on my love for so many things lately… My little bean has already dropped, leaving me with a duck waddle and a limp. He’s sitting on a nerve that occasionally will cause me to lose feeling in my left leg, which is fun for onlookers I’m sure. I’m getting some immense pressure building up in my tailbone to where I feel it might possibly break at any given time. My tailbone busted when I gave birth to my first large-headed chunk, so it’s already a sensitive little thing that has given me grief since the break.

And this isn’t to say that I am miserable, because I’m not miserable. I’m large and slightly uncomfortable, but I’ll be, I still love being pregnant and sharing this short time with my little wiggly worm. And in dropping he has given me some lung space which is fabulous, I’ll take being able to breathe over being able to walk normal any dang day. But it is that time when I need to start wearing a sign on my stomach that says, I’M DUE IN TWO MONTHS! because if I had a nickel for every stranger that thought I will “pop any day now!”, I’d have…like, twenty cents. And before the baby comes in the next two months, I guarantee I’d make at least a dollar.
Anyway, to wrap this up. Right now life is lovely in only the way it can be when you’re 8 months pregnant and the forecast is predicting 70 degrees this week. That’s: large and uncomfortable but warm and happy. There is sunshine in my soul friends.

PS just to put it out there, I know my OBG told me to stay away from empty calories but I would kill for a Cadbury cream filled egg right now. Hashtag headedtothestoretostockup Hashtag becklovesit

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