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^^ listen, i could really get used to this stay at home mom business. i've come up with this list that i check off everyday, from my to dos to what i am going to eat for my meals to what fun activity we are going to do that day. i can do the laundry in segments, because i'm home everyday and all. one load today, another load tomorrow! no need to rush! and even so, my house has never been so messy. but we run errands and take walks and have play dates and we are oh so happy. it's work, but it's fun work that kind of fills my heart right up.

my body is sort of adjusting to this not sleeping thing. only sort of. my beckers is the loudest sleeper, just the loudest. in his defense, he never cries! just lots of grunting and groaning and straining and pushing and heavy, heavy breathing. in between feedings every three hours, might i add. sleep is almost impossible! but i'm getting a system down and i'm feeling okay with it. although i'd love to sleep again one day, mind you.

and i went running, did you hear? two days so far this week, short one mile runs that show me i'm very out of shape but that feel oh so heavenly. this recovery has been amazing, have i mentioned that yet? it's only been two and a half weeks since i had a baby but i'm feeling grand. my body was so well prepared this time around! the worst of my recovery so far lies solely in my milk drying up. that was pretty awful and i'd be glad not to ever do it again. and can someone tell leftie here that we are all dried up now? because she's not getting the memo and i've been lopsided since sunday.

other than that though, i mean really. this recovery has been so grand i could kiss it's face.

another reason that i keep telling the hubs i want more. isn't that funny? after i went through labor and recovery with j, i was adamant that we weren't having any more kids because i could never, ever go through that again. but this time around it was more like, okay i'm ready to do that again! ten more times! i'll never stop having babies!

[insert dan rolling his eyes so hard that they fall off his face here]

anyway, enough about me and babies.

but not really, because that's all this blog seems to be about these days? anyway.

i better go do some dishes and some yoga so i can finish off my checklist for the day. adios, amigos!


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