the end of birthday week!

birthday week was grand, and that's a wrap folks! it's all over now. we had the last of the candles blown out on sunday evening and now it's back to reality, where the party comes only for the weekends.

so in typical meg fashion, let's turn to a play by play of the hubs birthday celebrations. feel free to stop reading if you're not interested! i can't imagine anyone wouldn't be interested. there aren't many things more interesting than my play by plays...

so dan's birthday. we spent the entire morning and early afternoon on a beautiful long hike to white pine lake, and it was the epitome of lovely. it was mother natures birthday present, giving us such warm weather this year. she's not ever very dependable, but especially in september. i'd venture to guess that september is tied with april in mother nature's most moody months of the year. what will she give us this year? we wonder. but this year was the year that she was in an exceptionally good mood i suppose, because she has been extra generous. i mean really, it's been an almost perfect fall thus far. (thus! and who says that anymore? get me my cane now, i'm done for! hashtag i'm an old soul.)

but what was my point?

oh yes, the hike. the hike was just lovely. i wish you all could have come.

after our hike we had time to run inside the house, change our clothes, lather on some deodorant and buckets of body spray, and run to the movie theater to catch a matinee. who goes to a scary movie smack in the middle of a thursday afternoon?! us and two other people, that's who. i felt like a carefree high school kid in the middle of summer.

straight from the movie we ran to pick up the boys and meet our family at texas roadhouse for a birthday steak. oh texas, you do everything right. (especially your prime rib and cherry limeades!) not too mention, a birthday yee-haw on the saddle! jace loves that saddle. i know it's not his birthday, but you try telling him that. he'll blow out the candles on our cakes if it's the last thing he does! the kid loves a good birthday.

after celebrating with the family we ran back home and made it just in time for the surprise! which was, dan's manly friends showing up for a guys night. he didn't know i had invited them over until one by one they trickled in with drinks and food, while i put out the poker chips and said ENJOY! i promised them a stripper jumping out of a birthday cake, but it turns out i lied. i think they had fun anyway.

so now, what else except to post an overload of pictures! you know what you get when you come here.

and p.s. here is dan's birthday celebrations circa 2013, if you're interested.

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