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I'm superbly slacking in the blogging/taking pictures/editing pictures/writing department these days. But I'm superbly excelling in the living life department, and I suppose that's what it's all about anyway?

This month has been a tornado, and I'd like to not say it but you know that I have to... Where did this month go? Where?! Work has taken the majority of my time and energy this month. We have been making history and setting records as far as how busy our little office has become, and it's nothing but testing my multitasking and patience skill sets. I'm passing so far, but ask me again tomorrow, as I'm living day to day right now!

On top of which, we've had two of our three thanksgiving dinners already. A ridiculous amount of turkey and yams and, would you believe I haven't had any cranberry sauce yet? I'm very sad about that, in a "first world problems" kind of way.

And I'm going to make an "on top of which" sandwich here: On top of which, yesterday for our lovely friendsgiving, I cooked my first ever turkey! I truly am entering the world of adults. I was much too scared to try anything fancy, so I stuck with the bag method. I felt morbidly barbaric rubbing butter and seasonings over that cold bird while it's juices leaked into the foil pan beneath. In fact, there was about ten seconds in which I seriously contemplated becoming a vegetarian. I also had to put the turkey in the bag THREE times before I got it right (forgot the flour! Oops, it's upside down, the slits are on the wrong side!) but I did get it right eventually, and then I cooked the crap outta that turkey. The hubs had a learning experience of his own when he carved the turkey for the first time ever. (We both grew up so much this month!) He did a beautiful carving job. He's so particular, this man, and it really showed in his perfectly carved slices of perfectly cooked turkey, and his cleaning out every last chunk of meat from every last nook and cranny in that turkey. So much so, that the turkey was slightly cold by the time we served it. But the turkey looked beautiful and tasted buttery while not being dry, so we are counting this as a WIN.

And here is the bottom slice of bread in my "on top of which" sandwich: ON TOP OF WHICH, Dan and I were both down with a bad bout of sore throat and coughs recently. Which I suspect is in fact not a contagious virus, but rather a result of this quick onset of winter that was slapped in our faces. One day we are hiking through green pine-treed-trails in t-shirts and fifty degree sunshine, the next day we are waking up to seven degrees and a windchill that tastes like bitter coffee. Winter makes me stronger, this I know.

This month-or perhaps this year-I've really put a lot of effort into feeling. Just letting myself feel. Not fighting feeling. Does that make any sense? No, I suppose it doesn't. See, do you ever have a really crummy day and it turns you incredibly theatrical and the next thing you know, your pessimistic and slightly dramatic side of the brain is reminding you about how we are all going to die anyway and what's the point of life?! Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, have you ever had an amazingly beautiful moment and let yourself over think it so much that you all but ruined the moment anyhow? Over thinking and worrying are such silly, unnecessary evils. They are quite detrimental to the purpose of life in my opinion. So I've stopped. I've stopped over thinking and worrying. I've made peace with all of the good and all of the bad. I've soaked up every moment I can, letting things be the way that they are at that exact moment. Our feelings can rock our core, shape us into who we should be, teach us and lead us and make us grow. We shouldn't try to change them. Anyway, it's made quite the impact on me this month especially. It has been downright beautiful and liberating and I highly recommend it.

I have so many things to write about and so little time! Until next time, mah'fah'riendddss! And even though I've been failing at taking as many pictures as I might normally do, you can always count on me to still take too many pictures. It's just what I do. Here's a few to wrap this up!

If I'm not back before then, I hope you and yours have a wonderful thanksgiving surrounded by the people you love!


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  1. Cute pictures Meghan, I loved all of them! Happy 3rd Thanksgiving this week!!! :)