As I type this, I'm eating a thick slice of cranberry sour cream bread, and my cup of joe is filled with chocolate-caramel creamer, this despite my recent declaration of banishing white breads and sugar from my diet. Because today is Friday and I've needed today so very much! When haven't I needed Friday? My muscles are sore all over my body from what started with a windy day of kayaking against the current and led into some insanely tough workouts this week. It's the kind of sore that I love, feeling my muscles hardening while I get stronger.Yesterday's full moon is waning and our clocks will be springing forward an hour this weekend, not too mention I'm on the verge of a possible head cold that I've been fighting with extra vitamin c supplements all week long. So I'm feeling a tad out of whack while also very optimistic all at the same time.

Because it's Friday, remember? And Rusted Root is singing Send Me On My Way on the radio right now, which is always a mood booster.

The hubs came home yesterday and told me this story, and it just took the cake, you know? It truly made my day. I'm awe inspired that there are millionaires out there who are so grounded, and wait not just millionaires, but twenty-one year old millionaires! It really restores my faith.

But that's as much of a friday round up as I can muster this morning, since I've got an almost-four-going-on-sixteen-year-old who is begggiiinnngggg for his turn on the computer now. So for now, here are some pictures of our life lately!



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