life lately in pictures + a nasty head cold

Contracting a head cold virus is one of the more humbling occurrences that I continually encounter in my life.  There's nothing like a good solid head cold to sharply bring to my awareness how much I have taken for granted all of this time since my last head cold.

Especially in August. Head colds should be illegal in the summertime.

The virus came on strong last Wednesday and I thought I had kicked it. I ate buckets of carrots and diffused oils and slept through a workout and rested. Go me, right? But one thing I have learned is that I am not the boss. If ever I think I have outsmarted the universe in any way, and especially if ever I say that out loud, the universe likes to remind me that SHE is the boss. Not. Me.

So touché, Universe, and thanks for the really nasty virus that I thought I had beaten but clearly that is not something that can be up to me at all.

I'm fighting through the dang thing real strong, listening to what my body needs, trying to see the positives and do my best despite, really just turning the whole virus into this giant metaphor of life in general. It has been hanging on strong for a good week now (only it feels like a year?) and I'm starting to sense my impending doom, but like I said. I'm getting through it.

Do you realize that school starts next week? Or is it the week after next. My head is so fuzzy right now... And anyway, school starting is like dipping a toe into the pool of the next season. (Don't you just love New York in the Fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.)(raise your hand if you are super tired of me quoting you've got mail! okay, now put your hand down and deal with it.) I feel that I'm ready. And it's not just about the cliché of Fall. It's not just the boots and the sweaters and the hot bowls of soup and the pumpkin spice. For me, it's more about the relief. Relief from the heat, from the sunburns, from the cracked heels of the dry weather.

As an outdoor loving girl, I almost prefer Autumn and Spring for my outdoor adventures. Excluding camping and kayaking, which you can still do almost all year but tend to be prime in the summertime, but morning runs? Bike rides? Rock climbing? Hiking? Those are prime Autumn and Spring weathered adventures, if you do it right.

I mean but yes, it's also about the cliché. In the mail yesterday was a jumbo sized fall edition of InStyle magazine and I was so giddy that it's silly. I brewed myself some tea, threw on a sweater, grabbed a blanket and hunkered down in bed to drool over all of the new fall styles while sipping tea and pretending it was fall already. (the trick to this pretend stuff is to turn your ceiling fan on high and make sure the a/c is cranked! derp,derp.)

There's something for every season I suppose so, I digress.

Let's get back to business. I am here to post pictures of life lately at mi casa, as I do. Head colds aside, I am really soaking up these days. The boys are at such fun ages right now and life is one giant bowl of perfectly ripe cherries, in which I find myself savoring each one and wondering how in the world I got so lucky.

Happy Hump Day friends!


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