life lately in pictures

I'm working hard to have less distractions in my life.

I love simplicity. I love it the same way that I love the color white: it's crisp and clean, it brightens your life, and it suddenly makes everything next to it look so bold and beautiful. In a world that throws distractions out like baseballs at the batting cage, I'm just trying my hardest to keep my life more or less simple. I crave the stillness that comes from a simple life, the fulfillment that comes from wanting little while feeling whole and happy through everything that I already have in front of me.

I do feel whole and happy, so much that I could burst somedays.

This summer has been insanely lovely and rewarding. Life is always hard, and I'm of course always filled with many faults, but perhaps my very favorite thing about myself at all is my ability to see the beauty in even the hard days. Some may call me naive and silly, but I believe that I'm just very open to possibilities. I like my rose colored glasses. I see the world very romantically and beautifully dramatically, like an anne of green gables book.

And if that makes you roll your eyes, you should really try it sometime. Life is quite beautiful, I promise.

And anyway. This summer. It has been lovely. Although I'm actually one hundred and ten percent DONE with ninety degrees and so very ready for fall, I have to say that we are really ending the summer wonderfully these days! So much so that it makes ninety degrees worth it I suppose. If it has to be worth it, this is the way!

I have so many stories to tell but I can't keep up with them all these days, so, pictures! Pictures are quicker and easier than writing stories anyhow. They are my favorite way to travel in time. And that's why this blog is full of them!

Happy Monday friends. Get out there and get you some!


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