week in pictures - the birthday edition

Currently with Beck we are in the thick of what I have dubbed "the hard age". He's cute, mind you, so freaking dang cute. The cuteness is a bubbly hot tub that I'm soaking in. But the active parts of a one year old, that's the cold lake that I drown in.

I distinctly remember Jace hitting this age. It happens quickly, where one day you are lugging them around in a car seat while they sleep fourteen hours a day and then BAM-you can't take them anywhere without suffering from the sheer exhaustion of either constantly chasing them around or watching them arch their back in defiance and throw massive tantrums because you are stopping them from going where the want to go, which is predominately the closest unsafe area in your general vicinity. Like the street, or the river, or right through the EMPLOYEES ONLY door.

Sheer. Exhaustion.

So we are in the minor adjustments transition. For example: always packing a happy meal with you to the grocery store for entertainment, never ever taking them out to a restaurant unless it's a sad fast food joint with a play area (and even then...), taking shifts wandering behind him while he gets out his wiggles and generally having magical amounts of patience while not minding when he is muddy and damp from head to toe. While he chews on rocks from the river bottom. (just kidding.)(but really.)

And anyway. Yesterday it was my birthday, maybe you heard? I like to make a fuss about birthdays, you know. I'm terribly egotistic like that. They only come around once a year, after all, and you are celebrating you for heavens sake, I mean it's the ideal holiday, really.

But this year was a tad strange. Thirty-one feels very insignificant, kind of like turning fifteen or twenty-four. It's really just another year of thirty is all. It's not terribly important. But then also, we have Beck. There's just not a lot you can do with a 15 month old Beck! And so, hiking. We spent the weekend doing a lot of hiking, thanks to the Kelty. By our last hike that sweet boy was so over the Kelty that I had to let him hike the last quarter mile on his own two stubby feet, and while it was slow going I was actually super impressed! This kid has energy! I'd like some of that energy please and thank you.

Anyhow, my birthday weekend was: eating my weight in sugar, watching not one but two nicholas sparks movies, sleeping in, chinese food and rare steaks, fall foliage and running into snow (yikes! snow!), having family and cousins over for a bbq, and most importantly, the mountains. These mountains in our backyard are a lovely place to spend a birthday weekend. Even if it's while carrying/chasing around the cutest one year old in the world.



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  1. Oh my garsh. We are right in the thick of it with you in regards to "the hard age". Oof. So cute but SO hard. Little buggers.

    But more importantly, happy birthday to you!! And welcome to thirty one.... It ain't so bad ;).