Family Pictures 2015

Family pictures with two kids under the age of five is a scary feat to try for. I have been wanting to get them done this year so badly but also, two kids under the age of five! For a very long while I couldn't decide if it would be worth the effort! But then my lovely friend who takes pictures for a living posted a special she had, and I told myself right then and there, if you don't schedule this appointment right now it will never happen! Be brave! You can do hard things!

When we very first arrived to the campgrounds to have our pictures taken Jace promptly sat on a branch and we tried setting Beck next to him for a cute shot of the two of them together. But as I expected, Beck did not want to sit still on that branch! So Jace thought he would help the situation out, you know, really hold his brother down. What happened of course is that Beck immediately flipped backwards right off the branch and Stacy caught it all on camera:

I thought well, if this start of pictures is any indicator to how things will go... you know.

But then! The clouds parted and heaven reined down in all of its glory to cast upon us its magical miracles of giving my one year old the power to look at the camera and cooperate! We captured so many lovely pictures, some of which I was behind the camera jumping up and down like a mad woman while singing loudly the elmo's world theme song, but you do what you gotta do! And it worked!

The other problem we ran into was Jace's smile. Have you seen that episode of friends, you know the one, where chandler can't smile normally whenever the camera is put in front of him? That was Jace. You can see his "chandler smile" in some of the pictures, and it kills me. But we bribed him with a jamba juice which was waiting for him in the car and the promise of a dollar store toy if he could get through family pictures, and he did a mighty fine job!

And Rockie! Can we just talk about Rockie!? She is the best pup. She sits next to us and looks at the camera like a good girl would. Rockie was our first baby you know, along for the ride before kids were even in the picture, so she really is just this huge part of our family in every way.

I love pictures, I think we've established that here on my space. I love the moments they capture, and with young children, the milestones they capture! Kids have this uncanny ability to grow at rapid rates so that within a years time they are not even remotely the same child that they were just the previous year. I want to take as many pictures as I can to seal into my brain the memories of them when they were these people. Beck is almost a year and a half now, learning a new word everyday, showing off his funny happy-go-lucky personality. Jace is four and a half and will be starting kindergarten next year. It's our last year of no school for the next 18 plus years! Our last real year of freedom! It has been the most wonderful time of life and I want so badly to capture it all in as many lovely photographs as I can grab.

Heart eye emojis all day! Thank you Stacy for capturing these moments!

oh and TGIF! HAPPY FRIDAY friends! Get out there and get you some!


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