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Happy almost Thanksgiving!

I don't mean to burst your bubble or anything, but you do know that the typical Thanksgiving Day of the feast with the Pilgrims and the Indians story is a fraud, right? Thanksgiving Day wasn't at all a feast with the Indians, there wasn't even a feast really, just a three day hunt they all had together, but rather Thanksgiving Day came about ultimately as a large economic lesson in anti-communism which happened two years following their hunt with the Indians and after a big day of prayer for rain to help their harvests. I mean I suppose there was some sort of feast to celebrate their first harvest but it didn't have turkey and they didn't let the women feast with them at all. It's terribly dis-concerning. Actually rumor has it that the Plymouth Thanksgiving wasn't even the first Thanksgiving so my mind is blown, I don't know what to believe anymore!

As I type this I am eating a pie. Not just a slice of pie I cut neatly and put on a plate like a decent human being would, I'm actually just sticking a fork in the whole pie and eating it bit by bit. See, our realtor shows up at our doorstep with a pie every year just before Thanksgiving, it's tradition. Last year it was peach and this year it's chocolate cream, but if he would just bring a banana cream pie every year my dreams would come true. There's so many good pies out there but if I was forced to choose one pie to eat for the rest of my life I would choose banana cream without hesitation. Anyway, since he brought the pie over I have had bits and pieces here and there every day. Yesterday Dan came home from work and when he opened the fridge he said, "A MOUSE HAS BEEN NIBBLING ON OUR PIE!" and I was all, "I KNOW RIGHT, THAT DUMB MOUSE IS AT IT AGAIN!"

Thanks to the netflix revival, I am also re-watching gilmore girls. This will be what, the third time in my life that I have watched it through? But who's counting, really.

Thanksgiving Day is TOMORROW and I still have to brave the grocery store for my yams fixings, isn't that ridiculous? Every year during the holidays I am entirely overwhelmed by the crowds swarming the stores and I swear I will NOT put it off next year, but then who am I kidding, because I always put it off. I am ridiculous.

I am both delighted for and slightly dreading Thanksgiving at this point. This is our third dinner now, mind you, so I have already come down from the turkey and cranberry sauce high that Thanksgiving brings, and now I'm thinking more realistically. i.e., we are going to be jammed in a small house with a very large amount of people, half of which will be small children running wild and the other half of which will be very stressed adults trying to put the finishing touches on their dishes and control their wild children, and there will likely be some stern lectures and possibly a little drama and most definitely some eye rolling thrown in there along with all of the food and the laughs.

Does your family do the "before we eat, everyone go around the table and say something they are thankful for" thing? I hate that. Do you hate that? First of all, we are already sitting at the table and dinner is already a good hour later than planned and we are already starving. I mean we are sitting there just smelling the hot food in front of us and our stomachs are threatening to eat themselves. And it's very cliché, don't you think? "My family! My home! My dog! My job! My health!" and don't we know that we are all thankful for these things already?!

Although. There was this one Thanksgiving back in college, the last one we had together before my Grandpa's health declined significantly. I remember that particular one very well. I remember going around the table to say what we are thankful for, and because we all knew that it would likely be his last, it really made the entire thing that much more special. It was the only "let's all say one thing we are thankful for" time in my life that truly didn't seem cliché at all.

While I am reflecting on my most memorable Thanksgivings, there was the time my Uncle dumped a tall glass of water on my head while I was eating, entirely by accident when he lifted his tv tray over top of me in an effort to get into the living room. And then there was the Thanksgiving in my dad's single wide trailer where he ordered a papa murphy's pizza and breadsticks for thanksgiving dinner and we watched football all day, which at the time seemed like it should be depressing but really, it made a good memory!

I'm also very much looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree on Friday. (Not as much as Jace is looking forward to that, mind you, because it is all he has talked about since July, I swear.) We are coming up with some new traditions this year, one being stringing popcorn and cranberries for the Christmas tree. Doesn't that sound fun? Messy, but fun. I'll keep you updated.

I really do hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, truly. I'm so thankful for ALL OF YOU, I wish I could jump through the computer screen and give you a big hug RIGHT NOW. Happy Turkey Day you crazies!


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