on the trails with the kelty + TGIF

Beck is at that age where in even a month's time he is changing and growing significantly. Because of it the boys are just starting to settle into this mutual age gap phenomenon where they will play with and entertain each other more and more. It's pretty much the one thing that will turn me into a sap the quickest, watching them together as brothers. Little things like when they sit at the table and put legos together, which is silly because Beck is only one so how did that happen? We are most definitely finding truth in the differences of a child when they have a big sibling to watch. Or then there is bath time, their favorite time of day, which is when they really party hard. I'm watching them turn into friends before my very eyes and it's drilling a nice little hole into my heart, a perfect tunnel that they fill with their metaphoric patching plaster in all of these moments of brotherhood.

(I'm ridiculous and someone should really ban me from making stupid metaphors anymore!)

Anyway. Beck. This age is a contradiction to me. It is sweet, sweet sugar jars of cuteness. It is chubby chipmunk cheeks that I gobble up for breakfast every morning. He is this delightful, adorable nutterbutter that we can't get enough of. While also, this age is insanely exhausting! Simple tasks like going to the store and grabbing a bite to eat turn into so much work that it's likely not even worth the task in the first place.

The other day I woke up with an itch for the trails while the hubs woke up with an itch for harvesting the garden, so we split ways and split kids. I packed up Beck and our favorite pup and we headed out for a good trail with some pretty views. If there is one task that I can handle, one place that I am okay with taking my active toddler, it's the mountains. Because of all the space, sure, and because he is happiest when he is outside, sure, but also because the kelty is heaven sent. Beck is really making a home in that kelty that he has already been in a hundred times since he was born. This go-around he found it a perfect perch for his morning nap, so he snored softly on my back while Rockie chased squirrels and birds, and I found intense peace and clarity and new resolve in my solidarity beneath the trees while pressing along on this beautiful trail.

^^ Can you even believe these views?  Fuhgeddaboudit!

But listen, since the B-ster was napping, I decided to hike much farther than I had originally anticipated and by the end my poor back gave me quite the lecture. Who do you think you are, Cheryl Strayed?!

So now, TGIF mah'friends! What are your plans this weekend? We are heading out of town and so looking forward to a weekend getaway.

Happy Friday! Get out there and get you some!


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