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My Instagram feed is officially filled with snow.Winter, you big jerk! You're gorgeous but you're still a jerk. We are getting by the best we can, you know. That's all anyone can do when you wake up every morning to three degrees.

^^ We felt pretty gypped so far as Thanksgiving leftovers go this year, so over the weekend we bought and cooked a turkey. Things quickly got legit as we spent our days eating turkey sandwiches smothered in cranberry sauce. (just kidding, i'm the only psycho who likes cranberry sauce around here.) (the turkey is already gone, just so you know.)(in our defense, it was only eleven pounds and i did a terrible carving job.)

^^ Snow day with mah'boys! We spend a considerable amount of time drawing pictures and names in the snow with sticks and laughing over burps and farts.

^^ the family that boards together, stays together. We found some ma and pa boards at a charity auction over the weekend and so our family of skateboards is complete! One for each of us! Dan thought they were supposed to be Christmas presents but I thought we were just being awesome, so I opened mine up and took her out for a spin with Jace. She is smooooooth! (Dan's is still wrapped, he has some killer self discipline you guys.)(also to be noted, Jace took that picture of me right there. mad skills, that kid!)

^^ My job is the best, I think I have mentioned that a time or two. The office Christmas party for two years running now has been in the City where we eat at Alamexo (get the carne oaxaquena! you won't regret it!) and then walk downtown to see a Jazz game. This year we were on freaking row 26 and it turned out to be the best game of the year you know, going into overtime for THE WIN. We also got a good front row seat to some terrible drunk dancing by a threesome who were, in their defense, definitely having a good time...

^^ We are coming up on our one year anniversary with the kayaks so we went ahead and named them, as their personalities are really coming out now and they feel very much apart of our family. We name our things, it's a thing. Naming our things is the thing. We gave Jace the honor of naming the camper when we first got her, and without hesitation he dubbed her "Muffins" which is very perfect, really.

Anyhow, our kayak children! Mine is Punky Brewster but I call her Punky for short. You know they don't really make pink kayaks, Punky was a special edition breast cancer awareness babe of which they only made a handful in the first place, so she's real exceptional! And Punky's boyfriend is Blueski, or as Dan likes to call him, Ol' Blue. He is the wise one with far less scratches than Punky because he navigates through the rocky waters a little bit smoother and all.

Happy one year anniversary Punky and Ol'Blue! We sure love the crap outta you!

Breaking news! Just now as I was finishing this post my Rockie girl caught Tiny Tim! He was making a run for it under our couch! RIP, little guy. I'm sorry that we couldn't find a way for us all to live together in harmony. But it was really stupid of you to run out right in front of the dog. (another good reason: the hantavirus.)

Goodnight blog! Until next time!


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