River Rats


The hardest part about our days spent at the river bottom is trying to get the boys to leave. 

Beck the bear cub likes to throw rocks in the river and watch the plop of the rock breaking through the waters surface. I'm convinced he could do this all day long and never be bored with it! Rockie will chase the rocks he throws or dig for sticks beneath the water, while Jace wanders and explores new territory in search of huts and bridges. Dan and I sit on the shore and watch while I hold a tall can of georgia peach tea, sipping from it occasionally and letting the cold refreshment linger on my tongue, pretending for a short time that we aren't in a hurry and that we don't have a care in the world. Dan points out the shallow spots in the river ahead and we start planning our trip to return here with the kayaks soon.

Even with the chaos of rambunctious kids in its midst, the river radiates peace and perfection. I may not throw a vocal tantrum about it in the same way that my boys do, but I sure hate when it's time to leave too.

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