father's day in the mountains

We Crofts have really turned a corner this year so far as the camping department goes. Last year we went camping a lot. And it was exhausting in the toddler world! Worth it, yes, but exhausting nonetheless.

This year Beck has gone and matured a little bit on us. I am quite ambivalent about that fact, I suppose, but it was a terribly exciting discovery. We have bunk beds in our camper, and this is the first year that Jace gets to sleep on the top bunk while Beck sleeps on the bottom. No more folding and unfolding and refolding and finding room for the playpen! And GOOD RIDDANCE TO YA! We also found that the danger factor has significantly decreased, as he has (for the most part...) learned to listen when we tell him to stay close.

So the point is (is there a point?) it looks as though this summer might be a tad easier than last summer, although not too much easier because, where is the excitement in that?

It is tough to identify just one reason that I love camping, because there are so many. My connection with nature in general has always been so strong, but this year is a different year. Even last year, I felt so optimistic and enthusiastic on life and adventure, while this year it feels more like an escape. This year my world has been shaken and I am trying to find my balance, I suppose. Getting out there into the mountains is one of the only things that really stops the shake and makes me feel like I am standing still again. I am so thankful for that world, the world of mountains and rivers and trees, sunrises and sunsets so close to your face you could scoop them up with a spoon, views so stunning they leave you breathless. It is perfect peace, the ideal way to take your cares and toss them out the window, if just for a little while.

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