4th of July


The fourth of July was a jumble of activities and emotions. We spent the entire weekend celebrating, lighting fireworks, eating junk food, chasing the kids around. On Monday, the actual fourth, we spent the day with my family at Snowbird Mountain Resort, and do you want to hear something pathetic? I am still sore from Monday. I do Yoga and run trails every week, but give me an entire day filled with hiking hills while packing around my thirty pound toddler and that is what I call a workout my friends!

Snowbird was such a perfect day. I had never been there outside of wintertime with a snowboard strapped to my boots, so experiencing the views and the greenery was amazing. We rode the lifts and the tram, we saw a moose, the boys played in bouncy houses, Dan and I bungeed the vertical drop, we flew on the mountain flyer, rode down the alpine slide. We had a picnic by the river and ordered ice cream cones. It was considerably cooler in the mountains, especially from the very peak, where it was even a tad cold in our summer attire.

We may have started ourselves a tradition, I don't know. It was just lovely.

By the end of the day we were all exhausted and sometimes I think to myself, self? I get it, why some people never want to leave their house once they have kids. Kids are hard. But at the end of a long summer day like this, when they both fall fast asleep in the car, you know they are dreaming sweet dreams and you are glad you could help them to make such a good memory as today. This is their childhood after all, they should really soak up the simplicity while they can.

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  1. We were there for the Father's Day Brewfest and it was fabulous! I love seeing your photos because we did much of the same things, but your photos are better. :) I'd never been to Snowbird at all! Not even with skis! And I thought it was fabulous for the same reasons you did. It. Was. Gorgeous! Love those yellow butterflies, too.