a national park + a birthday

I failed to stop by the blog here and tell you all that my right hand man had a Birthday. Which, truthfully, feels like years ago already. We have jam packed so many wonderful things into our schedules and we have so many more wonderful things to come that it all feels so full in just the right way, which is: not too busy, but not too boring. That is just the right way, don't you think?

I am terribly obsessed with all of the lovely ease and simplicity that I am finding deep down in all of the darkest cracks of my life. Something is in the air, something that smells like comfort. Something that feels like ingredients to the perfect recipe as they are slowly being added to that pot on the stove.

And so, Dan's Birthday. To celebrate him this year we left behind the thunderstorms that showed face in our hometown and spent the weekend in the sunshine down South. Saturday September 24th is National Public Lands Day, did you know this? We did not know this, so we found it a very pleasant Birthday surprise when they let us into Zion National Park for free.

These pictures ahead are from our hike to Observation Point. Thus far in our lives neither of us had hiked Observation Point, and as of right now it is my very favorite hike that I have done in Zion's! I am so happy that we gave it a try. It is steeper than Angel's Landing, but the views are so very worth it. In fact, it gives you a great view of Angel's Landing itself!

(Disclaimer: it is now my favorite hike, but my favorite thing to do in Zion is canonyeering through the slot canyons.)

The entire weekend was practically perfection and it all really just added to my devoted love for spur-of-the-moment adventures. They have yet to fail us.

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