Spring is on the way


I love my morning time so much. Currently while I write this, I am sipping from my second cup of steaming hot coffee with sweet cream and the birds outside the patio door next to me are chirping and singing away beneath a sprinkle of rain that is trickling down from the sky.

On Tuesday it was Rockie's SEVENTH Birthday. Can you believe she is seven?! I, for one, can not! She was my very first baby. We still have the video of Dan surprising me with her back when we were young and engaged. It was on April Fool's Day that he was able to bring her home, and I kept saying "Is this a joke?? This is a MEAN JOKE!" as I instantly fell in love with her and couldn't believe that she was really mine.

I was hoping to make a doggie Birthday cake but as it was, we had a sick toddler and a crazy schedule so I missed the doggie-cake train. We did give her a shiny new elk antler bone to chew on (forever, because they last FOREVER) and we let the boys run around the house dropping chicken treats everywhere for her. It was so much fun. While I watched them all laughing and Rockie running around with her little stub tail wagging, I was all sorts of emotional thinking about what a wonderful life she has and how loved she is.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rockster you cutest, sweetest, most adventurous s pup I know and love!

It is February and I am grateful for February, always, especially after a long January. We have had glimpses into Spring, tiny rays of sunshine that burrow into my soul and restore some hope. Just last Wednesday I was able to take full advantage of the Spring feel when Rockie and I hit up a trail to run in the mountains. It was a little bit muddy from the rain, a little bit of chunky slippery snow here and there, but beneath the shining sun and the blue sky in forty degree weather my heart sung praises. It was so very lovely and perfect.


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