river therapy


(If you look really closely in those pics there, you'll see a little white spot beneath Dan's paddle, which is Jace's glove. He was laying down flat to stay warm.)

Some of our very dear friends just purchased their very own kayaks and we are thrilled to finally have some kayak buddies! We were so excited that we couldn't wait, so we have been taking out the kayaks the past couple of weekends. We are perhaps a tad overanxious for Spring in this, because the last outing was quite cold. But always worth it! I remember one year Dan and I went kayaking in the late Fall, way up the mountains to Tony Grove, where we FROZE our buns (hands, really) right off even beneath all of our layers, but when we left all rosy cheeked and numb we still couldn't stop smiling because it had been such a fun time. Truth be told, I might choose colder-day kayaking over hotter-day kayaking.

And anyway, the weather this week has rocked our socks off. Seventy-degrees and sunshine and mayyyybe the first time in my life that I have thoroughly loved daylight savings. Every day after work and school we go outside and, minus a short break for dinner, we stay there until the sun goes down. (Even after the sun goes down I have to drag the boys kicking and screaming to come back inside.) We could not be happier about these sun filled days! I have already logged in eight miles this week on the trails and I am going to be putting all of our winter gear in storage this weekend with a big fat GOOD RIDDANCE TO YA.

My apologies for being so annoyingly excited in this post. I'm really not that overly happy of a person, but my optimistic side really comes out of hibernation when Spring arrives. This past winter was especially hard and I have been beyond ready for the warmer weathered days.

Happy Friday to you and yours! Go enjoy some sunshine!


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