Dan the Gimp


Good day to you!

A lot has happened thus far this Summer. Although one thing that hasn’t happened yet, is it feeling like Summer.
It has been a looooonnnng Spring in which we are very grateful to have a heater and a camper because we have been
camping our little buns off any way. But alas, I am feeling the heat break through the cool this week, that thick muggy
sauna-like heat that sits in the stagnant air and while you walk you practically eat it like a soup. Word on the weatherman
streets is that it is supposed to be Summer now, complete with ninety degree temperatures, and we will soon be camping
for nine days straight so I WILL LET YOU KNOW.

Summer is grand for so many reasons, but with all of the camping we do my favorite thing about Summer are the cool
Summer nights that accompany those long hot Summer days. You spend all day sweating and sunburning and guzzling
ice cold water, but then the evening arrives and brings this cool air that is simply sublime in its refreshment. You pull on a
light hoodie and you sit around the campfire with an ice cold beer while the dusk fades and you tell stories and laugh until
your abs hurt, while the kids all run free in a little wolf pack playing night games, their laughs echoing in the distant air, and
nothing beats it. I’m just really truly convinced of that, NOTHING. BEATS. IT. I hope heaven is endless Summer nights
around the campfire.

Dan is a gimp, have I told you that yet? He is now, it’s official. A temporary gimp. Two weeks ago we were riding bikes through
the campground we were staying at. We had just passed the Poppy field full of beautiful brilliant giant poppies, and also full of
people with cameras, when suddenly there goes Dan right over his handlebars! The endo of all endos! He landed smack on
his shoulder (we assume, although none of us saw it, not even Dan who completely blacked out) and when we found him we
didn’t know the damage other than the fact that there was a very prominent bone sticking straight up on his shoulder,
threatening to poke right through his skin, and it didn’t look pretty. We took a trip to the ER, got a sling and some pills, and
headed back to finish the weekend camping.

Sidenote, years ago when Jace was just a tiny toddler, he fell off the picnic table he was climbing on while we were camping
and fractured his elbow. We ran him to the ER, got a cast on him, and ALSO HEADED BACK TO FINISH THE WEEKEND
CAMPING. So this is the kind of people we are, is what I’m saying.

Anyhow. Our Dan-the-gimp has a grade three AC Joint separation, no lifting allowed, six weeks in a sling, and HOPEFULLY
no surgery if all goes well.

We are surviving. I’m surviving much better than Dan, I imagine, but we are all surviving. And still camping! Nothing will get us
down! All of that heavy lifting is proving to be a good workout for me, and also, I will never again take for granted all of the
heavy lifting Dan does when he can lift. There is reason that men don’t have to go the gym like women do.

That is all for now. Here, have a picture overload! We haven’t had one of those in some time now! Heaven forbid I blog regularly.

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