Dear Weatherman...

Please stop getting my hopes up and knocking them down. Please don't tell me it's going to be warm and sunny when it's actually going to be cold and raining. In fact, please stop telling me the weather at all unless it involves sun and at least 70 degrees!

Yours truly,


P.S. If you were trying to ruin my memorial day weekend, you failed!

Dan and I decided to forget about the cold and go have fun this weekend. Our campsite at Bear Lake was surrounded by snow, but did that bother us? Nope! I bundled up in my 10 layers + winter coat + gloves + beanie (etc, etc) and we spent the weekend huddled around the campfire eating junk food and laughing to funny stories of the past. We even took Rockie, who had to wear a "cone of shame" so her poor eye wouldn't get scratched before her surgery this week. We just didn't let anything get us down! I was worried about sleeping when it was so cold, but I used the old boy scout trick of wrapping a heated rock in a towel and putting it in my sleeping bag-kept my feet toasty warm all night long!

Then when we rolled into town Monday afternoon to the clouds and the wind, did we end our weekend? Nope! We went boating! By the end of the night we were the only ones on the lake, which is pretty rare for Memorial Day... Jeff's new boat is rockin and it was fun to cruise around even though it was pretty darn chilly! Dan was the only one who braved the cold, slapped on his wet suit and jumped in with the wakeboard. Yep, my husband is a stud! My only regret from the weekend is that I didn't get any pictures of Jeff and Becky, what was I thinking?! Here Becky is in town from California and I didn't even snap a picture. Lame!!

I really, really do hate the cold. Of course I'm relieved it's raining and not snowing, but even's a drag!! Why do I live in Logan again?? I know, I's still Springtime, and we need the rain...well, I'm happy we were able to have a fun weekend even so. And I'm just waiting and waiting (and waiting) for SUMMERTIME when the real fun begins!!!
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