Closet Makeover! Lengthening Jeans.

This weekend I cleaned out my closet. Hello there pile of clothes I never wear...

Typically I would throw these all in a box and send them off to the DI.

But this, my friends, is the beginning of something new.

I like to call it, Closet Makeover.

I am going to refashion, recycle, or just re-do each of these so that it's something I will wear!

Stick with me and each Monday I will bring you my new Closet Makeover item of the week.

Genius right?

Today's edition? (dun, dun, dun...)

Reason for not wearing: Jeans are too floody.
Fix: Lengthening Jeans.

First unpick the original hem of the pants.
Then cut straight along the worn line of the fold.
Put the right sides together, pin and sew as close to the edge as you can. (Depending on how long you want the pants to be.)
Iron the crease.
After this I went back and re-sewed the bottom hem as well, just to keep it together better.

Vwwa-la! Long jeans!

{Top: Rue 21, Belt: Thrifted, Jeans: Rue 21, Shoes: Gifted (can't see them anyway...)}

This edition of closet makeover was an easy one.
Now I'm really going to have to start getting creative!