Fresh Start


Returning here has felt a lot like opening an old storage crate. I’ve been unboxing my old posts, wiping the dust from their words and bringing them back to life again.

It’s not that I haven’t been writing, it’s that I haven’t been posting. I needed to retreat for a while.The amount of events and the magnitude of life that has transpired during the past few years since I last posted here are so many that I have decided the easiest way to begin my return is to jump right in and pretend that I never stopped posting at all. Instead of playing catch up, for now, I will just start where we are. As it is…we just survived January! February is not much better than January, but it is shorter so I’m much more optimistic about it. Some things of note from late:

We lost our first chicken, Cafe. She was our oldest hen, a three year old fluffy rhode island red. Once she stopped laying eggs last autumn she began slowing down significantly. Every passing week she looked older and moved slower and because I saw it coming that way, I got to really spoil her for her last weeks of life. I gave her extra dried mealworms and took her on walks around the yard while cradling her in my arms and thanking her for being such a sweet hen friend, for spending her life with us, keeping the bugs away and gifting us her delicious protein packed eggs. She is the second farm animal that we’ve buried now where all the farm animals will go when it’s their time, beneath the elm trees in the backyard.

I started a Substack account for weekly newsletters and monthly audio recordings, if you’re interested in subscribing here is the link. And ooooh by the way! This is important! I have been writing a memoir! It’s my therapy: every week after I drop Beck at his weekly art class downtown, I sit at a back table in my favorite sandwich shop with a thick slice of buttered bread and a hot cup of tea and I write my heart out.

On a whim I cut my bangs. I did the very same thing this time last winter. It was a mistake, as it always is, but like clockwork I’ll probably do it again next year.

Last Fall my dreams of owning a hot tub came true, and now in the dead of winter I’m really reaping the rewards of it more than ever. It’s frosty and frigid (30 degrees below zero not long ago!) and the fact that I can still sit on the patio (my happy place) and breathe fresh air while staying warm beneath the steamy bubbles of the spa has been intensely healing. Not enough to rid me of any seasonal depression, mind you, but enough to lift my spirits a bit and I’ll take anything I can get in the upliftment department these days.

I’ve been drinking my coffee black most mornings, pouring honey to sweeten it only on the weekends. I feel fueled and rejuvenated in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time now, as though all of these years behind me are now pushing me forward with force.

I’ve been listening to Noah Kahan’s album ‘Stick Season’ on repeat.

My favorite shows right now are Shrinking, Friday Night Lights and The Path.

Currently I’m reading these books by Bill Bryson, Peter Jenkins and Esther & Jerry Hicks.

I’ve been doing these meditations and listening to these sleep affirmations for subliminal messaging while falling asleep most nights.

That's about all I have right now... I know that this is a short and sweet introduction back into the world of posting life updates, but I’m just so glad to be here and so very glad that you are here too. I hope you are well, wherever you are, whatever season you are in.

I will leave you with a few pictures from recent days, and I will see you again right here very soon! 


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