Changing Seasons


It's Autumn! AKA: practically winter here in the West.

Does it seem like I always post about the weather? Historically, if you scrolled through my posts over the years, you would find a lot of them are indeed about the seasons we are in. I think the reason I write so much revolving around the seasons is because my soul transitions so abruptly in relation to them. It' so interesting to me, how that happens. And just like the changing seasons, inside of me it feels...natural, in an animalistic kind of way. Evolution and nature and the circle of life. Year after year my soul moves alongside of each changing season, molds and adapts to the new.

Autumn in particular is more of a halt than a slow down this year. Over the Summer we ran and we ran fast. You could count the weekends we were actually home on one hand. We spent all Summer running wild and free in our tiny home on wheels, coming back to home base only to work a few days and take wonderfully hot long showers and then BAM, we'd be back to the mountains again. It was so very lovely, perhaps the best Summer yet of my life.

But then Autumn came and carried with her the whisper of Winter in an especially brisk way! Hard freezes and winter coats, that kind of thing. So school began and the weekends shortened and the darkness crept into our mornings and evenings so quickly I felt I had barely blinked. When we winterized the camper last weekend in preparation for the hard freezes on the horizon I got emotional about it. Why does Summers end feel so crushing? And why does Summer go so quickly, like a tornado, before it's gone again? These are questions that will stay stuck on the tip of my tongue forever and ever, year after year.

The circle of life, you know.

Perhaps I have written enough about the seasons for today! Today, here and now, my soul has transitioned inside of me for the quiet and peace and slow down that Autumn has brought, and it feels needed. Isn't that amazing, how our bodies and souls know what we need so much more than our brains do?

But really, moving on.

The boys are BOTH in school, which has been a relief of sorts for me. I love watching them getting older. It brings its own challenges, but the kind of challenges that (at least for now) are much easier than the challenges babies and toddler brought. So I am taking it all in, these days we have, while we have them! The independence and the chance I have to really be myself alongside of Motherhood! Again, something I think I over talk about these days! Sorry not sorry! It's just very exciting, considering all of the years I had filled with diapers and no sleep and bottles and crying and naps and never leaving the house unless we had a sitter and HOLY CRAP HOW DID I SURVIVE THOSE DAYS???

Dan and I leave for Hawaii in three days. I could not be more ready for a relaxing trip filled with the beach and a good book and an occasional hike through the spectacular green forests of Maui! This is the fifth year that Dan and I have taken a long fun vacation, just the two of us kid free. It has been the best tradition for our personal wellbeing AND for our marriage. I am not a marriage expert, no sir, but can I suggest this for anyone who is married?? My advice, from me to you: GO ON A LOT OF KID FREE VACATIONS. You need it, your marriage needs it, and truth be told your kids need it. We all need breaks from each other! We are humans, afterall.

Over and out, and I'm sure the next time you see me here it will be pictures of a beautiful Hawaiian island! Don't be jealous player!

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