Bed Head


When little dude sleeps in, everyone gets to sleep in. Which is why it is fantastic. This morning he decided to sleep in until quarter after eight. Which means, mama and daddy slept in until quarter after eight.

The problem with this is that my heart thought it was still the weekend. It wasn't until I looked at the clock that my brain reminded me-HEY lazy bum, it's Tuesday! You know what that means? Back to work!

Needless to say, it was a pretty chaotic morning for us. Jace thinks it's fun when mom and dad are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. He thinks we're playing a fun game.

While running around with the fifteen minutes I had to get myself and the Jace-ster ready, I just had to stop and snap a couple pictures of his awesome bed head this morning.

Because really, what is cuter then baby bed head??

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  1. He has the most beautiful blue eyes! I love it when my kids sleep in too... especially on the days where I don't have to go anywhere