It's true that we are not big fans of winter time at our house. Buuutt...I'm pretty sure snow suits on babies are one of the cutest things in the world.

And they sure make our winter walks more cozy for my little loves-to-be-outdoors boy. He hates it when I put it on him, but he thanks me everytime we get out into the cold. (Or he would thank me, if he could say thank you yet...)

On that note...Spring, feel free to come any time now.

We are so ready to put this snowsuit away!

And now, we are so ready for the weekend. Ours will consist of the last USU basketball game, a long-needed pedicure, girls night for mama and guys night for dad, and a big Sunday dinner with my sweet sister and niece in town from Turkey!

Happy, happy Friday everyone!

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