Hi, my name is Meghan, and I love to talk about food.

Beef for din

I am a little concerned for myself because it has come to my attention, only AFTER starting this blog post, that I talk about food all too much. But come on guys, is it really that big of a deal? I love food! Don't we all? Speaking of food, ramen noodles with eggs? WHY have I not tried this before now?! It's like egg drop soup, beef flavored, with noodles. Mmmm yes, it is a new favorite! I was pretty proud of myself for discovering this, until husband informed me that our kitchen now smelled like "a fresh fart".

Anywhhay, where was I? Oh yes, I talk an awful lot about food. Like my beijiing beef for lunch today. That stuff is spicy! It gave me tingly lip and tongue for the first hour following my lunch break. I had to keep sneaking over to the drinking fountain, which is conveniently close to my desk, and letting the cold water run over my poor little beijiing traumatized lips.

Ohh sorry, I got off track again?! I guess the real question is, is there even a point to this post that I keep "losing track of"? Okay, here's the thing. Sometimes dinner is too pretty not to take a picture of it. Plus, it's only twice a year that we gather around the actual kitchen table, instead of the pretend kitchen table aka coffee table in front of the tv. Sooo, naturally, if something only happens twice a year you are required by law to take a picture of it.

Which reminds me, does it make anyone else feel really bad about themselves when you pin all the delicious foods on pinterest, only to make beef stroganoff with canned corn for dinner and feel ultra stupid about just how not-domestic you really are?? No, just me? Huh.

I do love food. And I feel like I deserve to eat a lot of it. Not just food, but the good stuff, you know? Like sweet potato fries, and cookie dough, and cans of chocolate frosting in the fridge. So I might die young, no big, right? In my defense, I went running this morning, AND went to a hip hop class at the gym tonight. Not too mention, I just spent five whole minutes chasing a hyper little pup around the house. THAT is a workout I tell ya.

No guys, no I'm not pregnant. I'm just thinking about food, and how much I talk about it, and ultimately how much I love it and how much I shouldn't worry about talking about it so much.
Oh, but do you want to see something really great? Check out this beaut we got on clearance at the marketplace:

Water pitcher 1

Husband didn't care much about it, but for me, it was love at first sight. And I promised it I would take it home and give it a nice place to live, where it will be loved and adored and allowed to provide me with delicious refreshing-ness. So now it holds our ice cold filtered fridge water.

Okay. I know what you're thinking guys... Is this as exciting as it gets??!

That's it, I am not allowed to blog after 10:00 anymore. It's been a long day. I should be in bed, dreaming about food...

ps while we are confessing addictions, I might have a new bad habit of falling asleep to 48 hour mystery reruns. I just can't stop!

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  1. You are so funny Meghan! I swear one day I will make all of the food I've pinned on pinterest... One day! I am also planning on getting back into blogging as soon as school is out of the way. I'm so close to being done. Just one more month!